Short Trips: Go By Bike

Short Trips: Go By Bike



May 29, 2013


  1. Go By Bike

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  3. Our Work The Wisconsin Bike Fed works in communities throughout

    the state to inspire, motivate, and unite a strong community of civic, business, and political leaders, motorists and bicyclists, to move bicycling forward.
  4. Why Ride Bikes? ‣Money ‣Global warming ‣Metabolism ‣Mood ‣Weight/Wellness ‣Fun

  5. When traveling three miles or less in urban areas, it

    is quicker to travel on your bicycle.
  6. Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Bike ‣How long

    is the ride? ‣What surfaces will you be riding on? ‣What do you want to carry? ‣Experience? ‣What accessories will help you enjoy the ride?
  7. Types of Bicycles

  8. Check Your Equipment ‣Helmet ‣Tools ‣Lights and reflectors ‣Racks and

    panniers ‣Fenders or mud flaps ‣A, B, C - Quick Check
  9. Critical Fit Issues Why is fit important? ‣Mechanical operation of

    leg and joints Which measurements are important? ‣Frame size ‣Saddle height ‣Saddle tilt ‣Saddle position
  10. Basic Gear ‣Helmet ‣Glasses ‣Shorts or pants ‣Wet and cold

  11. Share The Road Common Factors & Differences ‣Narrow vehicle ‣Slow

    vehicle ‣Vulnerable
  12. Rules of the Road ‣Obey all traffic signs and signals

    ‣Ride in the same direction as other traffic ‣Use hand signals 50 feet before turning
  13. Hand Signals Always look back when changing lane position. Use

    hand and arm signals to indicate your intention to stop, merge, or turn.
  14. Ride as far to the right as practical

  15. Planning Your Route ‣Choose roads for a bicycle, not for

    a car ‣Ask bicyclists which roads they use ‣Use bicycle commuter maps ‣Try your ride on a Saturday ‣Ride with a bike buddy
  16. When You Arrive Cleaning Up ‣Showers and locker rooms ‣Restrooms

  17. Thank you