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by Bill Allen

Published May 6, 2016 in Technology

Building successful products that customers really want and love is very hard. In fact, most product efforts fail! Has the ‘build and launch’ approach to product delivery cost your organization too much in time, money and lost opportunity? Do you want to find out if a product idea is actually what a customer will purchase, use and love? Do you now want to build ‘that’ product inexpensively and as quickly as possible? If your answers are “Yes”, “Yes” and “Yes” then this workshop is for you. I introduce you to the Product Discovery Canvas; it applies relevant elements of Collaborative Chartering, Customer Discovery, User Story Mapping, Pretotyping and Lean Startup for product discovery and product validation. The canvas starts with techniques for narrowing ‘product ideas’ to the ‘ideal product’. It ends with techniques for you to inexpensively answer the question, “If you build it, will people buy it and use it?” or “Should you build it at all?”