Starting with Inner Source

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November 14, 2018

Starting with Inner Source

Presentation at the Open Source Strategy Forum by Daniel Izquierdo in London, November 2018.

Abstract: Inner source applies the lessons learned from open source way of developing software within organizations. This helps to scale organizations development strategy, break silos of developers, encourage internal collaboration, and be faster to market.

If we think about why open source has been so successful, we have to consider attributes such as transparency, communication, collaboration, innovation or meritocracy. And this can be applied internally within the walls of each organization creating an ‘internal open source’ or the so called inner source.

As more and more developers are becoming used to platforms such GitLab, GitHub, or Bitbucket, those are willing to use similar infrastructure and modern tools internally at their organizations. Thus, inner source is another way to modernize development teams, but at the same time, a way to be close to how open source is developed from a cultural point of view, process, and tooling.

Inner source can be considered then as a pre-step to publicly release a project. Ideally, only a press-button-action is the difference between having that project as inner source within the organization, or as open source, available to everyone.

Daniel will discuss best practices for innersourcing based on his participation in InnerSource Commons, a community of practitioners built for developing and sharing knowledge and patterns for successful innersourcing.



November 14, 2018