Understanding Network Protocols & Server Configuration

Understanding Network Protocols & Server Configuration

In the previous talk, we covered some easy wins with performance optimisation. In this talk, we’ll look at aspects of frontend performance that need to be tuned or fixed server-side, either via a web server, or operating system configuration.

We’ll look at HTTP level questions like:
* How does H2 prioritization work?
* How does H2 push work?
* What is QUIC (HTTP/3)?

We’ll also look at TCP level questions like:
* What are MTU, MSS, and TCP Windows and how do they affect performance?
* What are TCP slow-start and fast-open?
* How to use Wireshark to study network activity?

At the end of this session, attendees will understand how to debug low network level performance problems, and configure systems for performance improvements.


Philip Tellis

May 22, 2019