X marks the spot - TYPO3 v10 and beyond

X marks the spot - TYPO3 v10 and beyond

What people can expect from TYPO3 v10, and what they can't - and why we should focus on what YOU can achieve already to make the TYPO3 ecosystem more sustainable


Benni Mack

August 01, 2019


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  2. Attention New version ahead
 no code harmed in creating this

  3. What's new? TYPO3 v10.0

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 #T3DD19 What others say about TYPO3 v10.0

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 #T3DD19 What's new in TYPO3 v10 • PSR PSR

    PSR • Mail Mail Mail • Fluid Fluid Fluid • Form Form Form • Events Events Events • DependencyInjection DependencyInjection DependencyInjection
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 How do I sell this to my

    customers / managers? • We're still updating to TYPO3 v9 currently, and it's a PITA! • I had to adapt so much (= I had to learn so many new things) for v9 already! • I want RealURL back! I want TypoScript back! TYPO3 v9 is so slow! • So many extensions are not compatible yet! • I want more upgrade wizards, so I don't have to do anything anymore! Yes, I'm lazy!
 And I can complain!
  7. Sorry, but this is how Open Source works The End

  8. Thanks for listening And be sure to try out the

    next awesome TYPO3 version
  9. Boring!!! OK. Another try...

  10. X marks the spot Let's go on an adventure!

  11. Indiana Jones! One of my childhood movies

  12. We're looking for gold The treasure hunt is on -

    want to join?
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 #T3DD19 What's in it for me? 1. Everyone can

    join 2. Everyone can help 3. Everyone can find gold
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 #T3DD19 It's so much more than v10!

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 #T3DD19 X is so much more X glamorizes a

    new era in our community 
 TYPO3 has influenced our work,
 our lives, and our friendships.
 It would be a shame if we only
 kept it for ourselves.
  17. But: We cannot move! We're stuck in the old days

  18. @bennimack
 #T3DD19 But: We are currently stuck • What happened

    to "Inspiring people to share"? • Why is there only "my way" to do things right? • Why should TYPO3 GmbH take care of everything? • Why always blaming and ranting instead of helping? • Why does everything that provides value have to be in Core?
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 #T3DD19 This is what we're bad at! 1. The

    Guru Problem 2. The Innovation Inability 3. The Silence Situation
  20. How to find the gold then? Let's re-group and focus

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 #T3DD19 This is what we're good at! 1. Passion

    2. Dedication 3. Resilience
  22. If there'd only be a secret weapon And all our

    problems would be gone
  23. You are the secret weapon Developers are at the heart

    of a OSS community
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 #T3DD19 You are good as you are 1. No

    composer expert? 2. No cloud hosting? 3. No PHP coder?
 Don't worry
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 #T3DD19 You know more than you think 1. Looking

    for a bug for 1day? 2. You've ALREADY mastered a substantial learning curve 3. Your projects do not need to be perfect 4. Your expertise is awesome
  26. @bennimack
 #T3DD19 Together is always better 1. What's your pain?

    Is there somebody else that feels the same pain? 2. Find like-minded friends via Camps, Initiatives & Slack 3. Talk to people, call 'em up
  27. @bennimack
 #T3DD19 Open Source
 Perfect 1. Core is not

    the holy grail 2. GmbH is not here for doing our job, but for tackling things us Devs cannot do 3. There is more than the status quo
  28. @bennimack
 #T3DD19 Go out and share • Explain what you're

    doing! • You're better in explaining than in coding? • CSS lovers say "hi"! • Give back bugfixes instead of fixing it just in your projects • Publish extensions that provide client value • Help others on StackOverflow
  29. What's YOUR spot? Hint: It's right in front of you

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 #T3DD19 Join an Initiative Automatic code updater TER <=>

    GitHub sync Google Docs => TYPO3 Start a blog Submit a new extension Make an extension v10 compatible Zap 10 Gremlins Improve documentation
  33. @bennimack
 #T3DD19 Try out "New Shit" • Try out a

    hybrid CMS • Integrate Shopware with TYPO3 • Build your own Headless TYPO3 extension • Build a vue.js Backend module • Mentor your juniors at work & write down what you explain! spread the love, tell others!
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 #T3DD19 TYPO3 v10 Extensions & Projects Achievements New Hot

  35. Come and join the adventure Choose your own X -

    and celebrate it with pride!
  36. @bennimack
 #T3DD19 Let's celebrate! • Choose, do and share -

    Let's meet again in one year • Organize your time! And set priorities! • Take one thing and do it consistently for a specific timeframe • Tell EVERYONE about it • #achievements in Slack (Projects, Extensions, Features...) • Kickstart it at the developer days • Publish an extension at the coding night • Write a blog post at coding night • Join t3o team at coding night
  37. X marks your spot We are the secret weapon

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