TYPO3 TechSummer: TYPO3 – the CMS for everyone!

TYPO3 TechSummer: TYPO3 – the CMS for everyone!

A few thoughts on a new mindset for myself on TYPO3 v11 and beyond!


Benni Mack

July 31, 2020


  1. TYPO3 vs. Change Tech Summer Keynote

  2. None
  3. TYPO3 is great but...

  4. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 ... we made mistakes • A

    lot has changed since TYPO3 v6.2 (2014) • Too many changes? • Too many unnecessary breaking changes? • Too many under-the-hood changes? • Are we (still) behind our competition?
  5. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 ... we tried to avoid more

    mistakes • TYPO3 v9 to v10 has the smoothest upgrade paths since TYPO3 v6.2 • Hundreds extensions are compatible already • New PHP tools like rector help shape the path for the future • My recent works • Updating from a deprecation-free v8 to v9: 100% • Updating from a deprecation-free v9 to v10: 30%
  6. Ever heard of DDD? Developer-driven-development

  7. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 ... we're too developer-focused • DDD

    - developer-driven product development • Where are the benefits from an Upgrade? • What is the need that people have using TYPO3 (or not even knowing TYPO3)? • Are we refactoring for the sake of refactoring?
  8. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 ... we don't want “featuritis” •

    New features... • should benefit 80% of the people using (!) TYPO3 • should serve be flexible and robust to be finalized for years • should be working "in the wild" already
  9. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 ... we want everything in Core

    • Should news, flux, crawler (you name it) be included in Core? • Who is going to maintain TYPO3 Core? • Disclaimer: "Having it in the Core" is a very easy answer, somebody™ is going to have to maintain the code for a loooong time. 3 years for free from people working on this in their spare time is a hard-to-take thing. Consider developers sponsoring bugfixes for TYPO3 like Mehrwert, Uni Oldenburg and so many more are doing. • We rely on people feeding their families and giving us TYPO3 for free!
  10. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 ... NIH has its drawbacks •

    We now rely on third-party software and their support times • PHP, Databases: This gets more complicated these days • Symfony, Doctrine etc. in conjunction with PHP lifetimes • On top: • jQuery • Twitter Bootstrap • CKEditor4
  11. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 ... we don't finish USP features

    • Many people don't use TYPO3's Core Features because they are buggy • Workspaces • MountPoints • Language Fallbacks + Extbase • Core-Native Category Handling • ... Proper Cache Configuration?
  12. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 Web CMS = conservative market TYPO3

    is a bleeding edge PHP CMS
  13. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 ... we lack of defined target

    groups • A lot of stakeholders • Who is taking decisions based on what facts? • Who should benefit from new changes? • Governments? Large Enterprises? Universities? Newspaper websites? Multi- national corporation websites? Integrations with shops? • Is there a vision where everybody moves in the same direction?
  14. TYPO3 v10 LTS The end of the "refactoring era"

  15. TYPO3 v11+ Let's build TYPO3 – the CMS for everyone

  16. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 The CMS for everyone • What

    does "Enterprise" mean anyway? • Look at how TYPO3 is used across the CMS landscape • 90% are running on shared hosters with small to medium-size installations • Are there "Enterprise" editors? • Why do we make it so hard for everybody who is "non-Enterprise" then?
  17. TYPO3 - The CMS for everyone We have Enterprise features,

    but TYPO3 should be usable for everybody
  18. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 Why? • We want to increase

    market share • In which market? • We want to increase visibility + adoption rate • How to measure that? • We want everybody to love TYPO3 – it should be fun!
  19. TYPO3 - The CMS for everyone How to achieve this?

  20. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 How to achieve this? 1. Low-Hanging-Fruits

    (“LHF”) 2. UX-driven improvements 3. Market research and definition of the strategy and goals Clear positioning of the CMS regarding our main target groups 4. Increase adoption rate through faster "time-to-launch" 5. Make updates a “no-brainer” 6. Innovation through extensibility in a conservative CMS market
  21. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 Low Hanging Fruits • Fix long-standing

    bugs • Make everybody happy! • Work through feature requests on forge.typo3.org • Build stories around uncommon features • Workspaces? Watch out for them! It's gonna be a USP for TYPO3 again! • Security: Content Security Policy (CSP) for TYPO3 Backend is long overdue
  22. Changes might break things But only for the better of

  23. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 UX-driven improvements • How good is

    a dashboard if a new installation does not hold hands for creating a site? • How good are modules if everything is done through the list view (on page ID "0") • How good is "frontend users" logic if they are hidden in a module? • File Storages, File Mounts, File References.... does anyone new get that? • Organize the TYPO3 Backend modules for new people • Make the TYPO3 Backend accessible for everyone!
  24. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 UX-driven improvements • Classic questions •

    How to create your first page in TYPO3? • How to get to the "page properties"? • How to kickstart a new TYPO3 website from scratch? • What's the best way to create a website with TYPO3?
  25. TYPO3 – No PHP coding needed It's even on Wikipedia

  26. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 Increase adoption rate • Why shouldn't

    TYPO3 ship a default output for a website? • Why can't we build best practices for Frontend output in TYPO3 Core? • Why don't we build themes? • Note: Even marketers in Enterprises want a “quick new landing page” • Who is using TYPO3? And how? • We need more marketing targeted on the next generation of users • Relevant TYPO3 Teams need to work together!
  27. Updates? No-brainer "We never want to worry about it anymore"

  28. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 Innovation through extensibility • Better Integration

    with other web apps and t3o services • Extensions / Apps / Web Hooks • Build features everybody falls in love with • “Unsplash” Extension: FAL driver for Files / Assets • Markdown Support for TYPO3 Content Elements • Build innovation in the PHP CMS world • Security: Integrate 2FA / Multi-Factor-Authentication by default • Make the TER a first-class-citizen again
  29. Changes for the better ... and for everybody!

  30. What about v11 then? An improvement product with a new

  31. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 TYPO3 v11 • First Release in

    December 2020 • LTS planned for early October 2021 • Continue the easy upgrade path • Include the long-hanging fruits ("LHF") • Caution: System requirements will change! • and of course... breaking changes!
  32. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 TYPO3 v11 • First results of

    the Structured Content Initiative • Similar look+feel, but small details making life easier for editors • More security features • Faster site setup • Make TYPO3's USPs more attractive
  33. @bennimack July 31st, 2020 Not everything is about coding •

    Define the target groups & Evaluate market position and future possibilities • T3A Board, Mathias Schreiber / TYPO3 GmbH, Marketing Team + myself • What about a UX Product Team? • Evaluate other CMS for usability • Make TYPO3 more usable • Accessibility Team • Use a better language in docs & the CMS • Core development is then "building the results in a sustainable way"
  34. TYPO3 – the CMS for everyone! Time for a change