Dropping Rails for Dropwizard? (from Abril Pro Ruby 2014)

Dropping Rails for Dropwizard? (from Abril Pro Ruby 2014)

Due to the success of Rails, many successful organizations find themselves with a Rails application that needs partitioning. Many organizations have chosen to largely abandon Ruby during this transition, yet the reasoning is often reactionary. This talk explores the approach Yammer has taken, comparing Rails and the Java-based Dropwizard framework. Both have the mantra of getting decision-making and repetition out of the way so you can get things done. Dropwizard takes a slightly different approach by putting emphasis on "production-ready out-of-the-box." In this talk, attendees will gain insights into the options Rubyists have for replicating Dropwizard's ops-focus in Rails. Attendees will also come away with an understanding of why Dropwizard's focus on operations and metrics makes it appealing to organizations tearing apart their monolithic Rails application. By assembling similar toolsets for Ruby and Java services, we'll be better positioned to choose between them on the merits of the stack and language.


Brian Morton

April 26, 2014