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Npm run all

Npm run all

Npm run is the last utility you will need to know when it comes to task automation in your web project!


  1. npm run all run the world, one command at a

    time @bobylito - ParisJS#46
  2. What is npm run? https://docs.npmjs.com/cli/run-script

  3. It executes commands • defined in scripts object of the

    package.json • the commands are run with : 
 npm run command
  4. BUT WHHY? since I have everything I already need with

    my build- system X!
  5. Node comes with NPM

  6. Runs node modules

  7. Straightforward

  8. Up to date

  9. Feature full

  10. Demo time! Live coding FTW or not

  11. Thanks @bobylito - Paris JS 04/2015

  12. Some links • Real world switching to NPM run :

    http:// blog.keithcirkel.co.uk/how-to-use-npm-as-a- build-tool/ • Official doc : https://docs.npmjs.com/cli/run- script • Task automation with NPM run : http:// substack.net/task_automation_with_npm_run