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Porting a macOS Clojure dev setup to Windows WSL2

Porting a macOS Clojure dev setup to Windows WSL2

Presented at wslconf.dev 2020

Michiel Borkent

September 10, 2020

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  1. About me • Clojure/Script developer for over 10 years •

    Moved to Mac roughly 10 years ago (cmd.exe, Clojure tooling) • I like the flexibility of laptops, but I also like the power of a desktop
  2. A new PC • 128GB memory, 2GB SSD, Ryzen 3950X,

    NVIDIA graphics • Equivalent Mac Pro machine would 3x more ($3000 vs $9000) • Want to use it as a remote dev machine • But no macOS: now what? • Windows + WSL2 to the rescue?
  3. Installing Windows without Windows • Tried bootable USB on macOS

    without success • Friend with Windows laptop, Rufus • Could MS make this more streamlined for non-Windows users?
  4. Transferring work dev setup • Needed to copy my zsh

    scripts and a couple of databases • Wanted to use rsync. • Enabled ssh:
 $ sudo service ssh start • How to enable on boot? Systemd, but wsl should already be running? • Windows firewall doesn't forward and blocks port 22 ...
  5. All rsynced, dev setup runs! Worth noting: even ClojureScript hot

    reloading works over remote connection! Tailscale for access outside home
  6. Emacs on remote machine In Terminal: git-gutter, flycheck-inline
 Other options:

    tramp, ssh -X, FUSE/sshfs Fix iTerm2 key bindings: https://joppot.info/en/2017/09/12/4056