Offline-First Apps with PouchDB at Node.js Interactive

8896271ee9d6f46d4b1783c9566cb645?s=47 Bradley Holt
December 09, 2015

Offline-First Apps with PouchDB at Node.js Interactive

Web and mobile apps shouldn't stop working when there's no network connection. Based on Apache CouchDB, PouchDB is an open source syncing JavaScript database that runs within a web browser. Offline-first apps that use PouchDB can provide a better, faster user experience—both offline and online.

Learn how to build offline-enabled responsive mobile web apps using the HTML5 Offline Application Cache and PouchDB. We’ll also discuss how to build cross-platform apps or high-fidelity prototypes using PouchDB, Cordova, and Ionic. PouchDB can also be run within Node.js and on devices for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

This talk includes code examples for creating a PouchDB database, creating a new document, updating a document, deleting a document, querying a database, synchronization PouchDB with a remote database, and live updates to a user interface based on database changes.


Bradley Holt

December 09, 2015