Offline Sync for Progressive Web Apps Workshop at MobileMonday NYC API-First Hackathon

Offline Sync for Progressive Web Apps Workshop at MobileMonday NYC API-First Hackathon

Learn how to build an Offline First Progressive Web App using Apache CouchDB, Hoodie, and PouchDB. Offline First apps provide a consistent user experience whether the user's device has no connectivity, limited connectivity, or great connectivity. A Progressive Web App combines the best parts both a web app and a native app. You browse to a Progressive Web App just like you browse to any other website. It lives at a URL, can be indexed by search engines, and can be linked to from anywhere else on the web. As you continue to use a Progressive Web App it gains additional native app-like capabilities. For example, the app could be installed to the home screen on your device. You might also grant the app the ability to send you push notifications, or the ability to access your camera, your microphone, or other device resources. This workshop will demonstrate how you can build offline sync into your Progressive Web App using a combination of Apache CouchDB (an open source document database), Hoodie (an open source Node.js backend for Offline First apps), and PouchDB (an open source JavaScript database that syncs).


Bradley Holt

June 03, 2017