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Doing something new in an existing company culture

Doing something new in an existing company culture

Talk given at Tech4Africa 2013 about being aware of your self as you try to do new or different things in an existing company or culture. Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAg3cMzDFdY


Bradley Whittington

October 10, 2013

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  1. Doing something different Bradley Whittington / @darb VP Web Products,

  2. It’s hard

  3. It’s tiring

  4. I don’t have a magic formula

  5. Let’s talk about me

  6. I work for Mxit. We have ±100 employees.

  7. It wasn’t always like this.

  8. None
  9. Motribe. ±8 employees.

  10. * not Mxit’s offices

  11. Enough about me, let’s do cool things

  12. First, let’s talk about me.

  13. I’m an ENTP* *Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. (extraversion, intuition, thinking,

  14. The Visionary.

  15. The ability to solve puzzles and problems that have no

    obvious way to resolution.
  16. The ability to define schematically a new structure or design

    and know it will work.
  17. A tendency to be arrogant or boastful, or to demean

    those who cannot see the same answers
  18. The inability to deal carefully and calmly with the finer

    details of a situation or work in progress.
  19. You bring your self into a situation

  20. Find the elephant in the room project

  21. Start small, focused, isolated

  22. Prove your approach

  23. Win kudos

  24. Or, quit. Your talent is wasted.

  25. Mxit Launch Platform for app creation ±Single MongoDB document per

    request Cached cleverly, aggressively Database per app 300 authors 9M pageviews/month 2M monthly unique users 4 m1.small 1 amazon core, 1.7GB ram
  26. Thanks Brad Whittington email: brad@mxit.com twitter: @darb github: bradwhittington mxit:

    darbydarb slides: https://speakerdeck.com/u/bradwhittington/ homework: read http://aphyr.com/tags/jepsen