Army of Awesome

Army of Awesome

This was the closing keynote at DPM:UK in Manchester UK on 1/28/16.

DPM? What’s that mean? It means Digital Project Manager. Okay? What’s that mean? Think about it—very few people know what it is you actually do every day. Even your mum scratches her head when you explain your job.

You need a simple explanation for the awesomeness that you unleash at work every single day. We all do. We also need a set of standards by which we all operate, because there is no path to follow when it comes to DPM. That ends now. This presentation will rally the DPM community around a set of principles that elevate and strengthen us individually, and as a community of practitioners. Let’s get fired up about what we do and who we are!


Brett Harned

January 28, 2016