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bruce lawson
September 27, 2019


In which I waffle on in Amsterdam at Ad Blocker Dev Summit

bruce lawson

September 27, 2019

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  12. Since then… Subscriptions Have Taken Over Via TechSpot

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  15. 10010110 USER WEBSITE $$$ Today, Monetization is Out-of-band Workarounds like

    ads, site-by-site subscriptions, and paywalls disrupt the user experience and create lock-in.
  16. $$$ 10010110 USER WEBSITE With Web Monetization, Your Browser Pays

    Built-in monetization provides a frictionless user experience across the Web.
  17. Web Monetization .. huh? Web Monetization is a standard for

    websites to request micropayments from users - Websites provide a URL for their receiving account - A Web Monetization Agent decides the rate to pay the website - The User Agent uses Payment Handler to send payments
 <meta name='monetization'
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  20. Accepting Payments - URL is provided by wallet (Payment Pointer)

    - URL is used to generate unique Interledger address per “session” Listen for DOM events indicating a payment has been made
 Use the session id to correlate payments on the backend document.monetization.addEventListener('monetizationprogress', e => {
  21. Sending Payments Users install a Payment Handler capable of paying

    via Interledger - Interledger + No User Interaction = Web Monetization payment method Users install a Web Monetization Agent - Specifics of User Agent integration are still TBD - Core requirement is user privacy Users authorize the agent to make payments (subject to limits) on their behalf - E.g. Token for user’s wallet
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  29. Interledger Community Group @ W3C Open Protocol
 for Payments London

    2016 Berlin 2017 Singapore 2017 San Francisco 2019
  30. 10 billion micropayments to creators. Since launching our beta, Coil

    has made more than
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  32. Interledger is a Different Class of Payment Credit Cards 100s

    per user & year Interledger 1,000,000s per user & year
  33. @brucel webmonetization.org

  34. @brucel W3C TPAC, Japan

  35. Long Road Ahead Next steps are to: " Track Web

    Monetization adoption " Get feedback on the draft spec
  36. @brucel Industry needs it! "Inevitably, 2020 will be another year

    of change for digital publishers. However, just like in years past, publishers will continue to thrive if they embrace these industry changes and develop new, differentiated sources of revenue.” 4 Reasons Why News Media Will Thrive In The Wake Of Privacy Regulation (AdExchanger.com, Sept 2019)
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  38. Ad revenues vary a lot by category https://hackernoon.com/state-of-podcasts-2018-takeaways-from-podcast-movement-on-monetization-diversity-and-discovery-eea7ccd0eed2

  39. Learn more at grantfortheweb.org

  40. THANKS ’N’ KISSES! brucelawson.co.uk @brucel [email protected] * Other Bruce Lawsons

    are available. ** known to cause nausea in some jurisdictions.