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The history of Vim

The history of Vim


Brooks Swinnerton

May 06, 2014


  1. The history of cats. Brooks Swinnerton

  2. Just kidding.

  3. History of Vi Created by Bill Joy Circa 1976 (38

    years old) Name from “Visual”
  4. History of Vim Created by Bram Moolenaar Circa 1991 (23

    years old) Named from “Vimproved”

  6. Modes Insert Similar to what you’re used to, just enter

    text and go Visual Used to select text for manipulating Command To interact with vim / filesystem (e.g. find/replace)
  7. Keyboard shortcuts Insert Mode h,j,k,l => left,down,up,right w,b => move

    between words ^,s => beginning, end of line % => corresponding character t => ‘till y,p => copy, paste v => visually select
  8. The power is in the language Combine the command with

    a number 5w => move 5 words d5w => delete 5 words c5w => change 5 words
  9. Terminal Multiplexer

  10. The ‘mux. Circa 2009 Based on “screen” Allows for multiple

    terminal sessions in the same window
  11. Otto approves.