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She’s Crafty: How to start a crafting blog with no money, no code, little time and toddlers underfoot

She’s Crafty: How to start a crafting blog with no money, no code, little time and toddlers underfoot

Does everyone have a crafting blog except you? It’s time to get your blog online using WordPress. Everything the beginner needs to know to start a blog. How do you choose a name? How do you choose a web host or blogging service? How do you get started writing? How do you get people to visit your blog? How do you get them to keep coming back? All your questions answered in a friendly, jargon-free session. This is a session for beginning bloggers and will focus on solutions that don’t require a lot of technical know-how or a big budget.
Presented at WordCamp Vancouver 2016


Shannon Smith

August 27, 2016


  1. She’s Crafty How to start a crafting blog with no

    money, no code, little time and toddlers underfoot Shannon Smith
  2. Shannon Smith Web Developer Café Noir Design www.cafenoirdesign.com @cafenoirdesign

  3. Budget = 0 $

  4. The Finished Garment www.finishedgarment.ca

  5. The Finished Garment www.finishedgarment.ca

  6. Getting Started

  7. What to say?

  8. What is the goal?

  9. Consistency is Key • Frequency • Tone • Network(s) •

  10. Everything Starts with a Name http://knowem.com http://namechk.com

  11. Where to Blog ?

  12. Optional Yearly Expenses • Domain name = 15 $ •

    Use your domain name with WordPress.com = 72 $ • (Web hosting = 120 $)
  13. A Good Breakup

  14. Choosing a Webhost • Ask your friends • https://wordpress.org/hosting/ •

    Keep your domain name and hosting separate • You get what you pay for!
  15. Where to Get a Domain Name https://www.hover.com

  16. Choose a Theme wordpress.com wordpress.org

  17. Take Photos

  18. Get Photos • istockphoto.com • stocksy.com • Flickr creative commons

  19. Mini-Branding • A name • A simple image • A

    (free) font • A great photo of you • A colour scheme • Bonus: A watermark • Not necessary!
  20. Your Readers

  21. Find your Peeps • social networks • comments • genre

    specific networks • online organized activities • in-person activities
  22. Social Networks • words vs. images • time commitment •

    conversation or broadcasting
  23. Active Users (in millions) statista.com

  24. Where are your readers ?

  25. Quantity vs. Quality

  26. Cool Sites Spool of Thread

  27. Cool Sites oursocialfabric.wordpress.com

  28. Online Events kidsclothesweek.com

  29. In-person Activities gotcraft.com

  30. Find your Peeps • www.ravelry.com • www.textillia.com • kollabora.com •

    burdastyle.com • sewing.patternreview.com • sewcialists.org/firehose/ • Groups on flickr, Facebook, Instagram hashtags, etc.

  31. Être intéressant, c’est s’intéresser aux autres

  32. Further Down the Rabbit Hole

  33. Sharing and Privacy

  34. If you aren’t paying for a product, you are the

  35. There is No Undo

  36. Editorial Calendar

  37. Editorial Calendar Plugins wordpress.org

  38. Pretty Photos canva.com

  39. Social Media Integration • Jetpack publicize • Instagram embeds •

    Hootsuite • YouTube videos
  40. Analytics google.com/analytics/

  41. Basic SEO • Use a featured image • Fill in

    all your image fields • Write an excerpt • Use categories and tags, 
 ones for people • Plugin: Yoast SEO • 350 words • headings (h1/h2/h3) • Search engines are trying to mimic people
  42. Fill In Everything

  43. Getting Paid? • Ads • Ad networks • Partnerships •

    Sponsored posts • Affiliates • Product sales
  44. What was the point again ?

  45. The greatest task before civilization at present is to make

    machines what they ought to be, the slaves, instead of the masters of men. Havelock Ellis
  46. Shannon Smith Web Developer Café Noir Design www.cafenoirdesign.com @cafenoirdesign www.finishedgarment.ca