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WordPress Reusable Blocks Everywhere

WordPress Reusable Blocks Everywhere

A tour of the new reusable blocks that are built into the new WordPress editing experience (formerly known as Gutenberg). This new feature lets you reuse content on the fly, quickly and easily without any special skills and without copying and pasting. Find out how to make the most of it!

This talk will feature how-tos and tips for users, but also include suggestions for designers and developers who want to make reusable blocks work with their themes.

Shannon Smith is a platform services specialist with WordPress.com VIP. She delivers content solutions to some of the biggest names in media, marketing, and enterprise. Shannon has over 15 years experience in open source web development. She is a long-time supporter of diversity, accessibility and internationalization, and was a WordPress Montreal community organizer for seven years. Shannon is also a hiker, poet, and mum of four.


Shannon Smith

May 11, 2019


  1. WordCamp Calgary 2019 Reusable Blocks Everywhere

  2. Shannon Smith Platform Services Specialist WordPress.com VIP http://chroni.ca

  3. New Block Editor A new post and page editing experience

    that makes it easy to create rich post layouts using “blocks”.
  4. Discover the Possibilities Let’s take a look at some feature

    highlights - Use block templates to guide content creation. - Eventually, you’ll use blocks instead of custom fields, shortcodes, metaboxes and other ad-hoc elements, becoming far more intuitive for editors.
  5. New Block Editor

  6. New Block Editor

  7. New Block Editor

  8. What is a Reusable Block? Blocks as content templates

  9. You can turn any block into a reusable block!

  10. Getting Started Creating reusable blocks is easy

  11. How Do I Create a Reusable Block?

  12. How Do I Create a Reusable Block?

  13. How Do I Create a Reusable Block?

  14. How Do I Create a Reusable Block?

  15. How Do I Create a Reusable Block?

  16. How Do I Manage My Reusable Blocks?

  17. How Do I Manage My Reusable Blocks? https://example.com/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=wp_block

  18. Cool Ways to Use Reusable Blocks

  19. Call to Action (CTA)

  20. Complex Content

  21. Forms

  22. Disclaimer

  23. Reusable Blocks for Writing

  24. Reusable Blocks for Editing

  25. Tips & Tricks Get the most out of your reusable

  26. Edit All Reusable Blocks at Once

  27. Reuse a Combination of Blocks

  28. Reuse a Combination of Blocks

  29. Reuse a Combination of Blocks

  30. Themes For Blocks? “These components can also take cues from

    themes — like the color palette component does—allowing the theme to overwrite the default colors.” https://hmn.md/white-papers/gutenberg- the-new-wordpress-editor/ https://matiasventura.com/post/ gutenberg-or-the-ship-of-theseus/
  31. Add CSS Classes to Reusable Blocks

  32. More Blocks Please! Where to get more reusable blocks

  33. Exporting / Importing Reusable Blocks

  34. Block Directory https:// make.wordpress.org/ meta/2019/03/08/the- block-directory-and-a-new- type-of-plugin/

  35. WordCamp Calgary 2019 Questions?

  36. vip.wordpress.com/jobs