(2017 - 7/9) The Art of the Pre-Meeting

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September 29, 2017

(2017 - 7/9) The Art of the Pre-Meeting

Calibrate 2017 (7/9) - https://www.calibratesf.com/

"The Art of the Pre-Meeting" - Karen Catlin, Advocate for Women in Tech, Former VP of Engineering, Adobe


After spending over 25 years building software products, Karen Catlin is now an advocate for women working in the tech industry. She's a leadership coach, a frequent speaker, and co-author of "Present! A Techie’s Guide to Public Speaking." She holds a degree in Computer Science from Brown University.


Calibrate is a conference for new engineering leaders hosted by seasoned engineering leaders. Organized and hosted by Sharethrough, it was conducted on September 30, 2015, September 30, 2016 and September 29, 2017 in San Francisco, California.



September 29, 2017


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    Pre-Meetings: A secret weapon for new managers Karen Catlin @kecatlin

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    Tammy Bütow, Dropbox Engineering Manager Pre-meetings? Hell yes. 

    exist, everyone is doing them,
 and no one tells you about them 
 when you’re a new manager. “
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