(2019 - 3 of 10) Why Great 1-on-1s Are Like Perfect Formula 1 Pit Stops

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September 27, 2019

(2019 - 3 of 10) Why Great 1-on-1s Are Like Perfect Formula 1 Pit Stops

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“Why Great 1-on-1s Are Like Perfect Formula 1 Pit Stops“ - Kwasi Ohene-Adu, Goodwater Capital, Entrepreneur-in-Residence


1-on-1s can be a real source of anxiety for both new and experienced managers. At some point, we all inevitably encounter situations where we dutifully go through the routine motions of 1-on-1s but deep down, we know that the conversation did not have the effect we were hoping for. Instead of clarifying, we confuse; instead of inspiring, we demoralize. I’ll share some strategies I’ve borrowed from pit stops in Formula One racing to inspire people and unlock their true potential.

About Kwasi:

Kwasi is former VP of Engineering at Goodwater Capital, where he indulged his passion for entrepreneurship by contributing to finding and building the very best consumer technology companies. He served by offering his diverse skillset in leadership, entrepreneurship and engineering. Previously, Kwasi was founding engineer at Highfive, where he built and led teams in backend infrastructure services. Prior to Highfive, Kwasi was founding engineer at Color Labs, where he built and and led the Android team. Prior to startups and venture capital, he had a successful engineering tenure at Google, where he was one of the first members on Google’s then new Google+ social initiative. He is happiest when building high performing teams as well as technology.

About Calibrate:

Calibrate was a conference for new engineering leaders hosted by seasoned engineering leaders. Organized and hosted by Sharethrough, it was conducted yearly in September, from 2015-2019 in San Francisco, California.



September 27, 2019