(2019 - 2 of 10) Making the Unknown Manageable

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September 27, 2019

(2019 - 2 of 10) Making the Unknown Manageable

Calibrate 2019 (2 of 10) - https://www.calibratesf.com/

“Making the Unknown Manageable“ - Ale Paredas, Code Climate, Head of Engineering


Congrats! You’ve just started out on your new role of Engineering Manager. It’s now the end of the quarter, and your team has not achieved its goals. You’re tasked with improving performance for the next quarter. This was my situation last October! I’ll share how I learned to use data to evaluate our state, identify opportunities for improvement, drive change and ultimately increase our delivery performance by 50%. You will leave this talk with practical tips on how to tackle new and unfamiliar challenges by using qualitative and quantitative data to understand your problem, propose changes and help your team navigate them successfully, ensuring those changes are having the desired impact!

About Ale:

Ale is the Head of Engineering at Code Climate where she helps engineering leaders with data insights. With over 9 years of technical experience, she is passionate about growing an inclusive team and help foster an environment where everyone can grow their skills, do their best work, build resilient and scalable systems and deliver impactful solutions. Also, Ale is one of the founders of Latinas in Tech NYC.

About Calibrate:

Calibrate was a conference for new engineering leaders hosted by seasoned engineering leaders. Organized and hosted by Sharethrough, it was conducted yearly in September, from 2015-2019 in San Francisco, California.



September 27, 2019


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    About Me Twitter // @ale7714 Calibrate 2019 Head of Engineering

    Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela Co-founder Over 10 years of technical experience
  2. 5.

    We need to increase performance, achieve business goals and, ultimately,

    deliver value to our customers. Challenge Twitter // @ale7714 Calibrate 2019 In the next 90 days!
  3. 7.

    Framework Twitter // @ale7714 Calibrate 2019 1. Acknowledge your feelings

    and emotions 2. Gather the data 3. Discuss and execute a plan
  4. 11.

    Twitter // @ale7714 Calibrate 2019 • Dig deeper and understand

    the cause of those emotions/feelings • Identify areas of concern and gaps on your knowledge/experience Acknowledge your feelings and emotions
  5. 19.

    Quantitative Data Twitter // @ale7714 Calibrate 2019 • Leverage analytics

    tools to get better visibility • Use metrics to understand changes over time • Enhance your conversation by including objective data
  6. 21.

    Feedback from engineers Qualitative Data Twitter // @ale7714 Calibrate 2019

    Meetings are often way too long. There are too many participants and projects to keep track of. “ I don’t feel like I’m growing as much as I could. “ Features often need significant post release work. How can we be aware of new information/feedback sooner? “
  7. 23.

    Gather the Data Twitter // @ale7714 Calibrate 2019 • Leverage

    1:1 conversations and retros • Practice active listening • Make feedback a habit
  8. 27.

    Twitter // @ale7714 Calibrate 2019 Discuss and Execute the plan

    • Discuss possible solutions with your team/ organization • Get feedback from an outside perspective • Commit to a plan
  9. 28.

    Team Structure + Iteration Process need change What’s the data

    telling us? Twitter // @ale7714 Calibrate 2019
  10. 29.

    Twitter // @ale7714 Calibrate 2019 Discuss and Execute the plan

    • Keep an eye on the metrics • Proactively seek feedback • Iterate on your plan as you receive new information
  11. 32.

    Twitter // @ale7714 Calibrate 2019 • Acknowledge your feelings and

    identify the areas/ issues you’re most concerned about • Gather qualitative and quantitative data to better prepare yourself • Communicate your plan and proactively iterate on it as you learn new information Takeaways