(2019 - 6 of 10) The Platinum Rule: Manage Others as They Need/Want to be Managed

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September 27, 2019

(2019 - 6 of 10) The Platinum Rule: Manage Others as They Need/Want to be Managed

Calibrate 2019 (6 of 10) - https://www.calibratesf.com/

“The Platinum Rule: Manage Others as They Need/Want to be Managed“ - Cathy Chen, Founder, Capriole Consulting


When I went from individual contributor to being a manager, one difficult thing I learned was that I could not manage people the way that *I* wanted to be managed. I needed to instead manage differently, based on their knowledge, seniority on the team, and more: sometimes that means I need (*gasp*) to micro-manage people. At Calibrate, we will explore and discuss a model that guides you through identifying how to manage others, based on their individual needs and abilities. It has been highly effective with new managers whom I’ve coached or trained at places ranging from small startups to Google.

About Cathy:

Cathy Chen currently leads an engineering team at Google, and previously has managed people at startups. With Capriole Consulting, she specializes in coaching tech leaders enabling the development of their own skills in leading teams. With her masters degree in Organizational Psychology from Teacher’s College at Columbia University and a BS in Electrical Engineering Computer Science from UC Berkeley, she has the background of a hands-on geek, with expertise in research-backed organizational theory.

About Calibrate:

Calibrate was a conference for new engineering leaders hosted by seasoned engineering leaders. Organized and hosted by Sharethrough, it was conducted yearly in September, from 2015-2019 in San Francisco, California.



September 27, 2019