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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Laravel

Aff0a25540addff750cbbe6aa884e429?s=47 Caneco
November 28, 2017

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Laravel

Where did Laravel come from? How is today? Where it's headed? Find out the answers for your Laravel questions… If you don't, pretend it's 42.



November 28, 2017


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  3. A long time ago, in a repository far, far away…

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  8. About /me Vitor Caneco IT Project Leader @Caneco

  9. About /me Vitor Caneco IT Project Leader Head of Coffee

  10. Skip Ads » Kwanko Group We are recruiting. Join us! approves
  11. So… Laravel

  12. Haaaave you met Taylor?

  13. Taylor Otwell Created Laravel in ~2011 Works full time in

    Laravel (along with Mohamed Said) Runs the yearly official Laracon.US Patreon support from partners and the community
  14. And the community is “worried” about him…

  15. Source:

  16. Life finds a way…

  17. Laravel

  18. Laravel Book::with(‘author’) ->portoEditora() ->where(‘active’, 1) ->get() ->map(fn…)

  19. Laravel Route::name(‘books’) ->get(‘books/{id}’) ->middleware(‘auth’) ->where('id', '[0-9]+');

  20. None
  21. Looks good, but why?

  22. Why Laravel?

  23. Why Laravel? // LTS support available since 2015

  24. Why Laravel? 2016

  25. More than a MVC

  26. Laravel is the Community

  27. @stauffermatt Partner at @ Author of . Host of

    Laravel Podcast @5minutegeekshow Torch maintainer (independent Laravel's Illuminate components)
  28. @freekmurze PHP developer at @ Spatie Open Source Guru #2

    World Rank @ GitHub (all packages are available postcard of charge)
  29. @adamwathan Tailwind Developer Author of TDD Ninja Test-Driven Laravel Weightlifter

  30. @jeffrey_way Owner of Laracasts Mix maintainer Best Laravel voice (Source:

    Laravel News Survey 2016)
  31. @steveschoger Designer at @ Tailwind Designer Creator of Refactoring.UI

    Maker of
  32. @youyuxi Vue.js Vue-Router Vuex Vue-cli Vue-devtools… … and zoomerang

  33. @marcelpociot NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN

  34. @fideloper Server for Hackers Scaling Laravel

  35. @themsaid Laravel (Personal record of 22 meters)

  36. @GrahamJCampbell Most active GitHub user (Source:

  37. @ianlandsman UserScape HelpSpot LaravelJobs Laracon Online

  38. @enunomaduro AlumnForce Laravel-Zero Collision LoL

  39. Open Awesome

  40. Laravel Horizon Code-driven Dashboard for Redis queues in Laravel. Monitor

    key metrics of queues: such as job throughput, runtime, and job failures.
  41. Laravel Socialite Convenient way to authenticate with OAuth. (Facebook, Twitter,

    LinkedIn, Google, GitHub and Bitbucket)
  42. Laravel Mix Fluent API wrapper for WebPack. Works both on

    top of Laravel and any project.
  43. Spatie Browsershot Convert a webpage to an image or pdf

    using headless Chrome.
  44. Tailwind CSS A Utility-First CSS Framework for Rapid UI Development.
  45. Laravel Zero Micro-framework for an elegant console application. Build on

    top of Laravel, fully “composed”…
  46. Laravel Auditing Store an history of changes on Laravel Eloquent

    models. Tracks discrepancies and anomalies.
  47. the Laracon(s)

  48. (organized by Taylor Otwell) (organized by Shawn McCool) (organized by

    Michael Dyrynda) (organized by Ian Landsman) Laracon 2018
  49. Laracon Online Skip Ads »

  50. Laracon Online: Lisbon 7 of February, 2018 :: Join us

    again! Skip Ads »
  51. Laravel is…

  52. soooo much more…

  53. Thank you!

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