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Create a brand for your project that doesn't suck

Create a brand for your project that doesn't suck

Your project could have the best idea, and the most elegant code, but when you need to promote and share it on social networks where the 3-second rule speaks best, and you only have is a README file, it can be hard to grab your audience attention – it needs to "POP"!

So, instead of bothering again your cousin (that has a degree in design) for another logo and some artwork, what if you can make yourself?

Get your ticket at, and discover easy ways for you to:
• find a great name
• design a custom Logo
• create a brand around the idea
• design some marketing swag (everybody loves swag)
• design appealing artworks to share on social networks
• think a bit outside of the box

Live recording of this talk at Laracon.EU– 28 May, 2020



May 28, 2020


  1. Laracon.EU/Online Create a brand design for your project that doesn't

    suck Caneco; Full-Stack Developer @ Medicare
  2. Did you ever tried to design a logo?

  3. And ended up with something like this?

  4. None
  5. Time to call your friend that can design?

  6. But, design a logo… Can be that hard?

  7. I'm Caneco

  8. A Full Stack Developer

  9. A Full Stack Developer from Portugal, working at Medicare

  10. .html .php .js .css .json .sql

  11. .html .php .js .css .json .sql .psd .ai .svg .jpg

    .gif .png
  12. And I mostly do logos

  13. None
  14. None
  15. None
  16. Hacktoberfest 2019

  17. None
  18. None
  19. None
  20. None
  21. That was ~30 logos

  22. None
  23. None
  24. None
  25. Enough about /me

  26. Create a brand design for your project that doesn't suck

  27. What's branding?

  28. It's not a logo

  29. It's not a logo a logo it's just a symbol

  30. It's not a name

  31. It's not a name a name it's just a word

  32. What's branding?

  33. A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any

    other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. Brands are used in business, marketing, and advertising for recognition and, importantly, to create and store value as brand equity for the object identified, to the benefit of the brand's customers, its owners and shareholders. Name brands are sometimes distinguished from generic or store brands. The practice of branding is thought to have begun with the ancient Egyptians, who were known to have engaged in livestock branding as early as 2,700 BCE. Branding was used to differentiate one person's cattle from another's by means of a distinctive symbol burned into the animal's skin with a hot branding iron. If a person stole any of the cattle, anyone else who saw the symbol could deduce the actual owner. The term has been extended to mean a strategic personality for a product or company, so that "brand" now suggests the values and promises that a consumer may perceive and buy into. Over time the practice of branding objects extended to a broader range of packaging and goods offered for sale including oil, wine, cosmetics, and fish sauce and, in the 21st century, extends even further into services (such as legal, financial and medical), political parties and people (e.g. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry). Branding in terms of painting a cow with symbols or colors at flea markets was considered to be one of the oldest forms of the practice. In the modern era, the concept of branding has expanded to include deployment by a manager of the marketing and communication techniques and tools that help to distinguish a company or products from competitors, aiming to create a lasting impression in the minds of customers. The key components that form a brand's toolbox include a brand's identity, personality, product design, brand communication (such as by logos and trademarks), brand awareness, brand loyalty, and various branding (brand management) strategies. Many companies believe that there is often little to differentiate between several types of products in the 21st century, hence branding is among a few remaining forms of product differentiation. Brand equity is the measurable totality of a brand's worth and is validated by observing the effectiveness of these branding components.[10] As markets become increasingly dynamic and fluctuating, brand equity is built by the deployment of marketing techniques to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, with side effects like reduced price sensitivity. A brand is, in essence, a promise to its customers of what they can expect from products and may include emotional as well as functional benefits. When a customer is familiar with a brand or favors it incomparably to its competitors, a corporation has "What is a Brand" from Wikipedia
  34. TL;DR Too Long Didn't Read

  35. It's a gut feeling

  36. It's a result

  37. It's a reputation

  38. None
  39. None
  40. None
  41. What will you need?

  42. What will you need? a name

  43. What will you need? a logo

  44. What will you need? an identity

  45. Let's break it down

  46. About the name

  47. Naming is hard

  48. Ever tried to name one of your kids? tsss…

  49. But what is a "good name"?

  50. None
  51. Wikipedia the name of the search engine originated from a

    misspelling of the word "googol"
  52. None
  53. Evan You // Vue.js: The Documentary It's a view library…

    but it's a bit literal. In French it was a better option.
  54. None
  55. Taylor Otwell // Laravel-News In Narnia, Cair Paravel is the

    name of the castle where the kings and queens of Narnia live. Laravel rhymes with Paravel
  56. Ok, maybe it's not that hard

  57. Ok, maybe it's not that hard Where to start?

  58. Use a name generator


  60. None
  61. None

  63. None
  64. None
  65. But you might want to create your own

  66. This are the most common trends

  67. Baby words e.g. Etsy, Skype, Zynga, Hulu, …

  68. Add a dot, Landing.Jobs

  69. Drop a vowel Flickr, Tumblr, Scribd

  70. Adding an extra letter Dribbble, Digg, Fiverr

  71. Misspell Reddit, Disqus, Google

  72. Blend words together BeyondCode, Laracasts

  73. Use a translated word Vue, Spatie, …

  74. Framework-it laravel–, vue–, react–

  75. Or, whatever Mojito, Click, Sushi, …

  76. About the logo

  77. How to draw a logo?

  78. How to draw a logo? 1. 1. Draw some circles

    2. 2. Draw the rest of the logo
  79. Choose your tools

  80. Paper > Vectorize > Rasterize

  81. Paper > Vectorize > Rasterize

  82. Paper > Vectorize > Rasterize

  83. Begin with Black & White

  84. Begin with Black & White #1 makes you focus on

    the actual logo #2 it will simplify your design #3 eventually will need a B&W version
  85. None
  86. None
  87. Research how others solved the same problem

  88. Use case Happy Dev

  89. None
  90. HappyDEV

  91. Happy:DEV

  92. Happy:DEV

  93. Happy :DEV

  94. HAPPY :DEV

  95. None
  96. Text or Shape?

  97. Logotype or Logomark?

  98. It depends…

  99. Logomark Logotype

  100. Logo Logotype

  101. Logomark Logo

  102. Logomark Logo

  103. Logo Logotype Wallpaper Icon Logo good Logomark Cover

  104. About the identity

  105. Creating an identity takes time

  106. None
  107. Use case North Meets South

  108. None
  109. Michael Dyrynda (South), Jake Bennett (North)

  110. None
  111. None
  112. None
  113. None
  114. None
  115. Use case Happy Dev

  116. None
  117. None
  118. None
  119. function anger() { !// Why am I feeling this way?

    return false; }
  120. About SWAG

  121. Stickers

  122. Everyone loves stickers!

  123. None
  124. None
  125. Sarah Dayan's Macbook // @frontstuff_io

  126. Easy to make, cheap to buy


  128. None
  129. T-shirts

  130. Everyone wears t-shirts

  131. None
  132. Where to make them?

  133. It depends…

  134. Where to make them? – Teemill – Teespring – Spreadshirt

  135. More?

  136. Socks by @LaravelPHP

  137. Hats by @davidhemphill

  138. Leggings by @LaraconEU

  139. Xmas ornaments by @tesshemphill

  140. Golf bals by @ericlbarnes

  141. Let your imagination flow…

  142. About promoting

  143. None
  144. None
  145. Know your audience

  146. GitHub, Twitter, Instagram(?)

  147. Twitter posts

  148. None
  149. 2 1

  150. None
  151. GitHub Social previews

  152. None
  153. None
  154. None
  155. Make something viral

  156. None
  157. Jack McDade // @jackmcdade

  158. None
  159. None
  160. This is very hard to achieve

  161. To wrap it up…

  162. Just try to be yourself

  163. If you any questions

  164. If you any questions ping /me

  165. Thanks for watching

  166. Laracon.EU/Online Create a brand design for your project that doesn't

    suck Caneco; Full-Stack Developer @ Medicare