Library Analytics Toolkit

Library Analytics Toolkit

Slides from a presentation given at the 2013 LITA National Forum


Carli Spina

May 12, 2013


  1. Library Analytics Toolkit Carli Spina Harvard Law School Library

  2. Harvard Library Lab “To create better services for students and

    faculty and to join with others in fashioning the information society of the future.”
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  4. The Idea

  5. Analytics for Librarians & Patrons Alike • Expand to encompass

    additional dimensions of data • Highlight trends and expose patterns • Make the data engaging enough to interest patrons • Open source and usable for other libraries
  6. Step 1: Research • Literature review • Interviews with librarians

    and archivists • Review of existing projects Full report online at:
  7. Brown University

  8. Indianapolis Museum of Art

  9. NCSU

  10. Stage 2: Prototype • Determined a focus for the prototype

    • Engaged design & data visualization team • Facilitated conversations between library staff and the design team
  11. None
  12. Needs more work... • Key information isn’t immediately obvious •

    Not visually engaging • Difficult to see high-level information to identify patterns & trends
  13. • New color scheme and navigation method • Displays key

    data in a way that highlights trends over time • More focused presentation Step 3: Alpha
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  15. Demonstration

  16. Next Steps • E-Resource usage data • Add depth to

    Library of Congress subject headings • Expenditure information by subject • Library usage metrics from other departments
  17. Discussion • What data is your library collecting now? •

    What data would you like to collect? • What features would you find most useful in an analytics dashboard?
  18. Questions? Carli Spina @CarliSpina