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GoBridge and the Go Community: Initiatives and Opportunities

GoBridge and the Go Community: Initiatives and Opportunities

The Go community is fairly homogeneous and missing out on what a more diverse community can accomplish. More diversity can have a greater impact on our community’s ability to be more innovative and creative, and to find solutions to problems we don’t even know we have yet. With this in mind, GoBridge was created to focus on initiatives that provide safe and accessible environments for a variety of people to learn from each other. In this talk I will share the different initiatives GoBridge volunteers are working on to increase adoption of Go and diversity in our community, and suggest super simple ways to contribute.


Carlisia Campos

August 19, 2016


  1. Golang UK Conference - 2016

  2. GoBridge and the Go Community: Initiatives and Opportunities #gobridge

  3. Carlisia Campos • Go developer at • Founding member of

    GoBridge • Co-host of Go Time podcast show (@gotimefm) • Board member of Bridge Foundry
  4. Online : carlisia@golangbridge.org : @carlisia : carlisia

  5. GoBridge: Intro

  6. • Founded on July 2015 • Open source project •

    Belongs to the community • Many initiatives • All volunteers • Non-profit status through Bridge Foundry
  7. Bridge Foundry

  8. Bridge Foundry • Founded in 2009 • Founders: Sarah Allen

    and Sarah Mei • 501c3 non-profit status
  9. Bridge Foundry Bridges Programs • RailsBridge • GoBridge • ClojureBridge

    • MobileBridge • Moar
  10. Why GoBridge? Our community is knowledgeable and helpful, but we

    are fairly homogenous.
  11. None
  12. https://www.toptal.com/open-source/is-open-source-open-to-women

  13. Some stats: Go Forum All users between 11/01/2015 - 08/18/2016

  14. Can I get a 5? • 5-March: 309 (4.95%) •

    4-February: 190 (3.84%) • 3-January: 226 (4.31%) • 2-December: 212 (4.18%) • 1-November: 221 (4.85%) • 10-August (so far): 213 (5.63%) • 9-July: 293 (4.79%) • 8-June: 274 (4.44%) • 7-May: 284 (4.83%) • 6-April: 258 (4.54%)
  15. Other stats Look around.

  16. What are we missing out?

  17. -- Sarah Allen, Bridge Foundry Co-Founder : @ultrasaurus “If we

    don’t have all of the people represented in the creation activities, I don’t believe we’re going to end up with the solutions that we need for our society.”
  18. -- Andrew Gerrand, Go Language Team : @enneff “It’s been

    my personal experience and it is also well documented in academia, that diverse teams are more innovative, creative and adaptable in modern cultures. Diversity is strength. Diversity is longevity.”
  19. Diversity and inclusivity: hard

  20. We can do hard things

  21. Our Goals

  22. Bridge Foundry Long Term Community Goal To create cultural change

    so that groups of underrepresented people in tech are also visible as: • Coders • Speakers • Contributors • Authors • Teachers/Mentors
  23. The GoBridge Team Works To Provide: • Safe and accessible

    environments • Different ways different people can learn Go • Many opportunities for community engagement • Mentorship • A more diverse Go community
  24. GoBridge: Initiatives and How You Can Help

  25. Code of Conduct

  26. • http://coc.golangbridge.org/ • Uses the Go CoC as the base

    document • Augmented to cover our specific cases • Reporting guidelines • List of admins • Admins moderate for safety and inclusion
  27. How Allies Can Help • Know the content of the

    CoC • Provide thoughtful feedback • Help us keep the community safe and inclusive
  28. Gophers Slack and Go Forum

  29. Gophers Slack

  30. • https://invite.slack.golangbridge.org • Paid account, anonymous sponsor • Interesting specialty

    channels: #reviews, golang-newbies, #golang-jobs, #gobridge, #go-kit, #golang-uk-conf, many more • Channels for lots of geographic locations
  31. Gophers Slack (8/18-19)

  32. Gophers Slack (as of 8/19)

  33. Go Forum

  34. • https://forum.golangbridge.org/ • Old topics (with no activity for 90+

    days) are automatically closed • Configured to work like a traditional mailing list • Indexable and searchable on the web
  35. Has nice code formatting, great for getting programming help.

  36. Topic authors can mark a certain reply as the answer

    to their question so others who read it later can find the answer instantly.
  37. Total users: 2,169 Stats (as of 8/19)

  38. Lead: Bill Kennedy William Kennedy is a managing partner at

    Ardan Studio in Miami, Florida, a mobile, web, and systems development company. He is also a co-author of the book Go in Action, the author of the blog GoingGo.Net, and a founding member of GoBridge.
  39. Admins Andy Walker • Brian Ketelsen • Cory LaNou •

    Damian Gryski • Dominik Honnef • Erik St. Martin • Ernesto Jimenez • Jason Moiron • Johnny Boursiquot • Julia Allyce • Kevin Gillette • Kristoffer Berdal • Levi Cook • Luna Duclos • Matt Holt • Nathan Youngman • Sarah Adams • Satish Talim • Trevor Bramble
  40. How Allies Can Help • Participate • Offer help •

    Invite newcomers • Mentor new members • Be inclusive in your conversations
  41. Go Time Podcast

  42. • http://gotime.fm (#gotimefm on Gophers Slack) • Owned and produced

    by The Changelog • Co-hosts: GoBridge (Carlisia Campos) and Gopher Academy (Erik St. Martin and Brian Ketelsen) • 40% of the profits from Go Time are invested directly into the Go community via GoBridge and Gopher Academy
  43. Lead: Carlisia Campos @carlisia Me :)

  44. How Allies Can Help • Ping us with feedback, rate

    the show • Suggest guest or topic ideas • Help us find and honor cool projects and people • Be a patron of the show by joining the Changelog Member Community (changelog.com/membership) • Sponsor the show PING: https://github.com/GoTimeFM/ping
  45. Chapters and Partnerships

  46. • Develop local chapter leadership • Support chapters in holding

    meetups and workshops • Engage with aspiring and existing meetup organizers to help them organize meetups
  47. Lead: Cassandra Gil @Cassandraoid Cassandra is the lead organizer for

    GoSF and Gopherfest in SF. Besides her work as a GoBridge core member leading chapters and partnerships, she is the Head of Communications and Community as part of the founding team at Netlify.
  48. How Allies Can Help • Step up to lead a

    GoBridge chapter in your city • Offer your office as a venue for workshops • Reach out to Cassandra
  49. Workshops: Logistics and Teacher/Content Guidance

  50. Workshop #1: San Francisco, 08/29 In collaboration with: Women Who

    Go SF
  51. Workshops • USA • Brazil • UK

  52. Workshop Logistics

  53. • https://github.com/gobridge/workshops • Train first-time organizers on how to run

    workshops • Support organizers through the process of getting a workshop done
  54. Lead: Florin Pățan Gopher for a few years. One of

    the organizers of the Go meetup in London and former organizer of GDG Berlin Golang and AWS Berlin User Group. Besides being a GoBridge core member leading the workshop logistics, I contribute to the Go plugin for IntelliJ and other open-source projects.
  55. Workshop Teacher/Content Guidance

  56. • Train first-time teachers (we have the material) • Match

    teacher with appropriate content • Teacher relations • Incorporate feedback into our course material
  57. Lead: You?

  58. How Allies Can Help • We desperately need course material

    for beginners • Organize or teach a workshop • Support and encourage colleagues/employees to organize/teach • Offer a venue • Offer sponsorship
  59. Go Remote Meetup

  60. • http://remotemeetup.golangbridge.org • To extend and improve knowledge of Go

    beyond geographical barriers • Presentations, tutorials, classes, etc • The best day/time/time zone, and even language, depends entirely on what the presenter thinks is best • Suggest a new meetup event here: https://github.com/remotemeetup/go
  61. • Our paid plan allows for up to 1,000 attendees

    • Sponsored by Compose.io • Up to 9 cameras and mics simultaneously • Many convenient features for speaker/attendee interactions • Recording available within 24 hours • #remotemeetup on Gophers Slack
  62. Lead: Gunjan Patel @Gunjan_Patel Gunjan is a Software Engineer at

    Tigera in SF, working on container networking. Besides being a GoBridge core member leading the Go Remote Meetup, he also organizes the Bay Area ODLUG meetup.
  63. How Allies Can Help • Sign up to give talks

    • Stream your physical meetups • Mentor and encourage others to speak • Help promote talks within your company • Help us promote talks on social media
  64. Tech Support

  65. • IT management • Webmaster • Manage all our GoBridge

  66. Lead: Edward Muller @freeformz Ed is an engineer @ Heroku

    where he helps customers deploy their Go applications. He helps maintain various open source projects, and ran the State of Go 2016 Survey.
  67. How Allies Can Help • Pick through the issue list

    for our repos • Sponsor$hip (1Password for teams, newsletter account, buffer app upgrade, others)
  68. More

  69. We need people to lead: • Workshop teacher training and

    content guidance • Sponsor relations • GoBridge monthly newsletter • Data/stats tracking • Code Combat (add Go support)
  70. Closing

  71. Final Thoughts • GoBridge is working to help grow the

    number of people from underrepresented groups in the Go community • We want to also include people from any geographical location • We need teaching content and more volunteers!
  72. Special Thanks... GolangUK Conference organizers and sponsors for making my

    trip possible!
  73. Thank all of you! : support@golangbridge.org : @GolangBridge : GoBridge