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Why are your Developers Looking at Kubernetes Behind your Back

Why are your Developers Looking at Kubernetes Behind your Back


Carlisia Campos

October 25, 2018


  1. Why Your Developers are Looking at Kubernetes Behind your Back

    @carlisia - 0111 CTO Conference - San Diego - October 25 2018
  2. “Cloud Native?”

  3. approach

  4. A pattern that emerges

  5. strategy

  6. design

  7. intentional

  8. developer developer developer

  9. Why?

  10. None
  11. Immutable infrastructure Declarative configurations Self-healing Standardized Location of deploy target

    is irrelevant Easier for separate services to talk to each other
  12. One single, consistent, repeatable way to do things (automation) Distributed

    system in a box Architecture built for scale and resilience
  13. How about my systems admins?

  14. Monitoring Backup strategy Improving CI/CD Automation and scaling work

  15. Is Kubernetes good for my business?

  16. Cost of change Risk as result of change Cost of

    not changing
  17. Speed Scale Size (Compute)

  18. How do I get this magic

  19. Monolith? Ok Microservices: better CI/CD: essential Devops culture: a must

    Twelve-factor app
  20. What about developers then?

  21. Greater ownership of software life-cycle More self-sufficiency One-off deploys are

    not so painful More “ops” in DevOps
  22. Carlisia Pinto - Senior systems software engineer - Open source

    Heptio Ark - @carlisia