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Let’s Make The Go Remote Meetup Awesome!

Let’s Make The Go Remote Meetup Awesome!

Remote meetups can be an essential venue for the many who don’t have the opportunity to belong to or start a physical meetup so they can also be a part of our community. They also give those who want to share their knowledge and experience with others a way to reach a greater number of people.

Since starting the Go Remote Meetup recently, we have seen a strong interest in our events, as shown by the viewership statistics. Still, there is a long way to go until most Gophers and people interested in Go in general are aware this resource even exists.

In this short talk, I will show you how the Go Remote Meetup works, the talks that we have hosted in the past, and some viewership stats. With your help, we can schedule even more talks and build a worldwide community of remote meetups that anyone can attend.


Carlisia Campos

July 10, 2016


  1. Let’s Make Remote Meetup Go Awesome! #remotemeetupgo

  2. Carlisia Campos : carlisia@golangbridge.org : @carlisia : carlisia

  3. About me • Engineer @ Fastly • Co-founding member of

    GoBridge • Go Time podcast show (@gotimefm) co-host
  4. Why a Remote Meetup?

  5. Why a remote meetup? • As a speaker, you can

    bring your material to a greater audience • If you live outside a big tech hub, isolation can lead to relative disadvantages • Convenience for people with less mobility
  6. Solution: Go Remote Meetup http://remotemeetup.golangbridge.org

  7. BigMarker tool • Free (as in, sponsored) • Interactive features

    • Localized into many languages • Super easy to use
  8. History Partnership with RemoteMeetup http://remotemeetup.com Initiative by Franzé Jr. :

  9. History • Sponsorship from Compose.io • Allows for up to

    100 attendees • Allows for up to 1,000 attendees
  10. Features • Presentations, tutorials, classes, demos, etc • Up to

    9 cameras and mics simultaneously • The best day/time/time zone, and even language, depends entirely on what the presenter thinks is best • Recording available within 24 hours
  11. None
  12. None
  13. Get Involved

  14. Track upcoming meetup events Sign up at http://remotemeetup.golangbridge.org

  15. Schedule a talk • Suggest a new meetup event here:

    https://github.com/remotemeetup/go • #remotemeetup on Gophers Slack • Ping me, Bill Kennedy, or Gunjan Patel
  16. Closing

  17. Make it more awesomer! • Sign up to give talks

    • Stream your physical meetups • Mentor and encourage others to speak • Help promote talks within your company • Help us promote talks on social media
  18. Thank you! : support@golangbridge.org : @RemoteMeetupGo : RemoteMeetup/go