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GraphQL & Ember

Chris Ball
February 21, 2018

GraphQL & Ember

A presentation at the Boston Ember group going over GraphQL and how to integrate it into your app.

Chris Ball

February 21, 2018

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  5. Advantages ★ No more “hey can you make this endpoint

    return this now?” discussions ★ Reduce number of requests ★ Smaller payloads (return only what you need) ★ camelCase conventions ★ Client determines shape of response ★ Subscriptions / websockets built in
  6. Advantages ★ “Wrap” an existing REST API ★ Schema Stitching

    to combine multiple GQL APIs as one ★ No more thinking about requests/responses ★ Tooling: GraphiQL is amazing ★ Introspection: Client can send query to get the schema ★ Fragments