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How to Supercharge Teams with Carefully Crafted Conventions

How to Supercharge Teams with Carefully Crafted Conventions

What's the secret to a high performing development team? Conventions that multiply throughput and eliminate decision fatigue. But, there's no one-size-fits-all approach.

Learn how to carefully craft a set of conventions for your team by using smaller building blocks. Looking at examples used across companies of all sizes, you'll see how these can supercharge your team's workflows and productivity overnight.

Chris Ball

April 17, 2020

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  1. @cball_ Understand the why Be your best dev, creating process,

    and how to simplify by removing decisions. Craft conventions that Supercharge your team. See what others do Learn a few things from our favorite libraries and tools. Craft your own Find your "base" set of conventions and add your secret sauce on top. 1 2 3
  2. @cball_ Craft conventions that Supercharge your team. Perfect your Process

    Try things out, fail, and iterate. Repeat 2-4 See what others are doing, craft your own, perfect them. 4 5
  3. @cball_ From Jason's talk yesterday: "Don't worry about scaling, routing,

    etc. You're always doing it the same way. Just let Serverless take care of that for you."
  4. @cball_ Overview HOW TO BE YOUR BEST DEV Code Play

    to your strengths Understand what slows you down Eliminate Decision Fatigue Teach what you know
  5. @cball_ Overview HOW TO BE YOUR BEST DEV Code Play

    to your strengths Understand what slows you down Eliminate Decision Fatigue Teach what you know
  6. @cball_ Play to your strengths. Think like a sports team!

    Adapt your "plays" to fit your players.
  7. @cball_ Understand what slows you down. Is this the right

    way? Didn't I just make this mistake last week? Why do I have to keep telling [person] to do [X] during Code Review? etc.
  8. @cball_ Eliminate Decision Fatigue. You have a finite number of

    decisions you can make in a single day. Think of it like a battery. It's best to spend mental energy on decisions that count!
  9. “ QUOTE @cball_ Barack Obama You'll see I wear only

    gray or blue suits. I'm trying to pare down decisions. I don't want to make decisions about what I'm eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.
  10. @cball_ Npm: "Run scripts with npm run" Yarn: "we use

    run 100x/day. Make it the default"
  11. •The team needs to understand the vision (be on the

    same page) •If there is confusion, simplify. Synchronization Repetition •You will hardly ever get it right the first time. •When you veer off course, understand what went wrong. •Adapt, iterate, and repeat. HOW TO PERFECT PROCESS RFCs RETROs
  12. @cball_ RFCs Give your team a clear picture of why.

    Show the current problem. Show sample code. Detail how you enforce / teach it. Show Drawbacks and questions.
  13. @cball_ Retros Talk about what went well and what could

    be improved with your new approach. Do these often!
  14. @cball_ Repeat Steps 2 -4. ♻ ♻ 2 3 4

    Perfect your Process See what others do Craft your own
  15. @cball_ Coming Soon! React Native Release ReactNativeRelease.com Echobind has shipped

    lots of projects, Many are mobile apps. React Native devs are creating great apps, but often fail to consider the "last mile" of quality deployment workflows. We're building an OSS ecosystem to help ease this process, and cant wait to share it with you. We're targeting an early June release. If your team wants to help us test it, sign up or reach out! Major Features: * Prompt driven CLI to setup your release config with minimal effort * Initially supports CircleCI, but will support other providers * Built on top of Fastlane with added conventions and learnings from years of React Native development