Setting up an Android OS Project

37fbf83b7d45711e41e774e29fed710e?s=47 Arnav Gupta
December 19, 2015

Setting up an Android OS Project

Whether you want to create a community based / open source Android custom ROM project, or you are from an OEM/ODM who is creating their own fork of Android, you’ll have the need for the following;

Hosting the source centrally, which can be checked out and committed back to easily
Host a code-review server, because you’ll have multiple engineers working simultaneously on multiple sub-modules
Set up a CI server for building the ROM (for both testing patches and generating nightlies/releases)

This workshop will cover these three main problem statements and will be consisting of 3 parts

Checking out the Android Open Source Project, and host your own fork (or a part of it); be able to download and sync it using repo
Setup and host code review using gerrit (A code review software made by Google and used by AOSP and Chromium project); managing repositories, user roles and rights, replication etc.
Setup a buildbot using Jenkins/Hudson. Setting up build tasks for testing of patches, and for generating nightly/snapshot/release builds.


Arnav Gupta

December 19, 2015