Agriness Presence: A product we've proudly built!

Agriness Presence: A product we've proudly built!

Caker: Pedro Henrique Fernandes


Cheesecake Labs

April 29, 2020


  1. Agriness Presence A product we've made.

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  3. - Agriness had a glimpse of our potential in tech

    events where our board members had a talk - They ended up discovering a whole new set of problems but didn’t have enough people to take care of them. - Eventually they remembered us and made contact. - In early August 2019, Agriness project starts @ CKL with a pack of 4 cakers How did it start?
  4. Have you ever heard that story about the entrepreneur or

    company that isn't really sure what problem is but is most definitely sure about the great invention that is going to solve it? "It should look like a bike" "It should feel like a kitchen chair" "It should sound like a sailing boat" "It should give the rider a dazzling look" "Maybe adding a pillow just in case..."
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  6. >They had to write >They had paper agendas >They had

    to report to a superior in charge >They had no internet >They had to write >They had paper agendas >They had to report to a superior in charge >They had no internet
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  8. This is our joker card. It didn't have any purpose

    besides delivering value to the end user. What did they want to know about their day? What's crucial? What's urgent? Home
  9. From the first research to field validation, all consultants had

    only 2 kinds of events scheduled in their agendas - Technical/Business and Farm Visits. Agenda
  10. This is the core feature of Presence in Brazil. Farms

    here work over Kanban workflows, so the status from a group of animals is on track all the times and is only pushed forward. Kanban
  11. By scheduling visits we had to make the whole experience

    digital in order to reduce the users tendence to rely on notebooks that got lost and having great efforts to put all notes and details on paper. So, besides having a checklist, he/she can take pictures, take observations and mark pending actions! Visit
  12. Km sets the consultant free from accountability issues with the

    company he/she works for. They can upload a picture to prove that they've driven to a specific location under company's orders. It is an open path for all administrative features in the future. Km
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  16. eat?Why great?Why eat?Why great?Why eat?Why great?Why eat?Why great?Why

  17. Can you imagine? In order to schedule a visit with

    a farmer, a consultant had to call them or send them an email, check their agenda and wait for the producer to check theirs. Agree on a date & time, note it down. Then, they had to warn their superiors and schedule that on their mobile phones to give visibility. It makes an undesirable task easier
  18. Consultants were so happy to schedule visits and fill out

    checklists without having to carry a giant notebook that they replaced their former routine with Presence's even before we had launched. It is efficient
  19. With Presence, both consultants and producers stablished a remarkable relationship

    rebuilt on trust. If there's something wrong, the consultant can help the producer to correct it and be rewarded for it. If there's something quite right, the consultant can acknowledge the producer's effort to make things good. It helps people
  20. Our greatest struggle was to deal with the reality of

    the offline farms and pens all over Brazil. Did it stop us? No! Our extremely talented and capable developers made all of presence’s features work offline only depending on the user’s will to sync with the databank whenever they’re online. Schedule? Offline! Km? Offline! Visit? Offline! It works offline!
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  22. - We're currently working on a phase 2 for Presence

    that will be released in late May 2020 - Presence will be introduced worldwide to Canada, France, Russia, South Africa, the US and many more. - We have kicked-off a discovery phase for a data platform where Regional managers can get BI from both technical consultants and farms. What's to come?
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