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Why I made a design div. within an agile company (RSGT, January 2022)

CJ Hostetter
January 07, 2022

Why I made a design div. within an agile company (RSGT, January 2022)

“Agile and design will never get along.” This is what I thought before I joined an agile startup, completely outside of my previous agency and product design experience. In the three years working at yamaneco, I have learned that design needs help from agile to make innovative ideas real and agile needs help from design to make products that fit a user need, not only a business want. Let me share my successes, failures and learnings with you.*

*The original talk was done in Japanese; this is an English translation.

CJ Hostetter

January 07, 2022

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  1. CJ Hostetter RGST J a nu a ry 2022 Why

    I made a design div. within an agile company. @chostett
  2. None
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  4. In order to bring the worlds of agile and design

    closer together, we must adopt a new language and new POVs.
  5. “Agile and design will never get along.”

  6. “Your product sucks.”

  7. “You need design to fi x it.”

  8. Backlog Voice of the customer

  9. Why did I harshly criticize scrum and agile?

  10. None
  11. The design process and scrum events don’t agree on what

    is a team decision and what is an individual decision.
  12. Double Diamond Divergence Convergence Understanding the Problem Cra ft ing

    the Solution Divergence Convergence
  13. Divergence Divergence

  14. Examples of Divergence • Customer rese a rch, person a

    cre a tion • Br a instorming ide a s for new fe a tures • Im a gining wh a t the product might look like in f ive ye a rs
  15. None
  16. Convergence Convergence

  17. Examples of Convergence • User Story M a pping •

    B a cklog Prioritiz a tion • Deciding on Ide a s for a New Fe a ture https://qiita.com/Koki_jp/items/6aebc73bedd0a932dcb8
  18. None
  19. None
  20. Learnings from coaching design within agile teams

  21. None
  22. New feature brainstorming Crafting design systems Wireframing Running user tests

  23. None
  24. None
  25. mobiusloop.com/

  26. “Agile and design will never get along.”

  27. So why did we make a design div. within our

    agile company?
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