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Learn How to Sketchnote - No Art Degree Required! (Japan SciComm, October 2021)

Learn How to Sketchnote - No Art Degree Required! (Japan SciComm, October 2021)

Have you ever seen a sketchnote? It’s when a person sketches and takes notes, often live, to bring research, public service announcements and TED talks to life. It is a powerful visual tool that engages audiences and makes the content of the lecture more accessible and easy to understand. You can use this powerful tool in your own work. This workshop will show you how.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to…

Understand why sketchnoting is more engaging and accessible than text-only reports
Sharpen your listening skills to convert ideas into visuals
Create your very first graphic recording—no art degree required!


CJ Hostetter

January 07, 2022


  1. CJ Hostetter October 26th 2021

  2. Me, some years ago

  3. None
  4. Why Sketchnotes are More Engaging than Text

  5. via SketchOwl Katharina Blum Mike Rohde

  6. The Federalist Society YouTube

  7. None
  8. Sharpen Your Listening Skills

  9. Sketchnoting requires us to move both our brains and our

    hands. This means we are limited to capturing only as much information as our hands can produce.
  10. The benefit of this is that we are forced to

    focus on the most important takeaways of the talk.
  11. 1. What does the audience I’m writing for want to

    know about this talk? 2. What are the key takeaways? (usually ~3) 3. What are things I can represent in images rather than text? Ask yourself...
  12. How to Start Sketching

  13. There are five basic shapes used for sketchnoting...

  14. ...and we combine them to make shapes.

  15. None
  16. Don’t focus on drawing well at first. Sketchnoting is all

    about listening and speed.
  17. Let’s listen to our first talk. No drawing! LISTEN 5

  18. Megan Pozzi Winner of Three-Minute Thesis 2013

  19. Let’s draw our sketchnote! DRAW 5 MINUTES

  20. 2 MINUTES What was easy for you? What was difficult?

  21. Let’s listen to our second talk. No drawing! LISTEN 3

  22. Yuta Nakagawa Winner of Three-Minute Thesis 2020

  23. Let’s draw our sketchnote! DRAW 5 MINUTES

  24. Take your favorite sketchnote and polish it. DRAW 5 MINUTES

  25. Take a photo and share! SHARE 5 MINUTES

  26. Q&A

  27. World Sketchnoting Day 2021.01.11 https://sketchnotearmy.com /wsd