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On the road to Progressive Web Apps: building real-cross platform Angular apps with Cordova & Electron

by Christian Liebel

Published February 2, 2018 in Programming

Progressive Web Apps are the next big thing: this application model finally allows web applications to leverage powerful features that were previously reserved to native applications only. However, not all native features are exposed as a browser API and it will still take some time until PWAs finally land on the majority of devices out there. In the meantime, Cordova and Electron are here to help: they turn your web applications into native application packages that can be distributed to mobile platforms such as Android or iOS and desktop platforms like Windows, macOS and Linux. While the vast majority of your source code can be shared across all platforms, there might be a fraction that is platform-specific. Thanks to Angular, handling these platform differences is an easy task. Thinktecture’s Christian Liebel shows you how to build real-cross platform Angular apps with Cordova and Electron—on the road to Progressive Web Apps.