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The Laravel Core - Demystify The Beast (Mumbai)

The Laravel Core - Demystify The Beast (Mumbai)

Laravel is a fascinating and complex piece of software. It helps us to work fast, solid and secure on our modern PHP applications. But how often do you find yourself taking a look under the hood of Laravel?

Knowing your framework is not something you need to learn right away. Maybe you’re even fine without knowing it at all. But the day you start asking questions about how it works, is the day you start improving. Knowing your framework will make you a better developer.

In this talk, I want to take you on a little journey through the core of the Laravel framework. It is like the best-of compilation of my free video-series Laravel Core Adventures, where I dig with you through the main concepts and implementations of the Laravel framework.

This talk is for everyone who works with Laravel and is interested in learning more about this powerful PHP framework. You will come away with a better understanding of Laravel's core.

Christoph Rumpel

March 03, 2019

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  1. Welcome

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  3. CHRISTOPH RUMPEL Web Developer !

  4. @christophrumpel

  5. @christophrumpel

  6. The Laravel Core Demystify The Beast

  7. @christophrumpel OUR JOURNEY LifeCycle Facades Eloquent

  8. @christophrumpel WHY DO I CARE ABOUT THE CORE?

  9. @christophrumpel It is a tool It takes a lot of

    time It can be overwhelming COMMON EXCUSES
  10. @christophrumpel It speaks to you Debugging Learn from the best

    Become a better dev WHY YOU SHOULD CARE
  11. @christophrumpel OUR JOURNEY LifeCycle Facades Eloquent

  12. @christophrumpel Entry point for request Boot Laravel Handle request Create

  13. @christophrumpel LET IT BEGIN public/index.php

  14. @christophrumpel

  15. @christophrumpel

  16. @christophrumpel

  17. @christophrumpel Application instance Also serves as DIC Bind kernels to

    the container Register Base Providers Set base paths
  18. @christophrumpel

  19. @christophrumpel

  20. @christophrumpel

  21. @christophrumpel

  22. @christophrumpel REQUEST & ROUTER Illuminate/Foundation/Http/Kernel.php

  23. @christophrumpel REQUEST & ROUTER Illuminate/Foundation/Http/Kernel.php

  24. @christophrumpel REQUEST & ROUTER Illuminate/Foundation/Http/Kernel.php

  25. @christophrumpel REQUEST & ROUTER Illuminate/Foundation/Http/Kernel.php

  26. @christophrumpel REQUEST & ROUTER Illuminate/Routing/Router.php

  27. @christophrumpel REQUEST & ROUTER Illuminate/Routing/Router.php

  28. @christophrumpel OUR JOURNEY LifeCycle Facades Eloquent

  29. @christophrumpel Magic Proxies Helpers Static interfaces Service Container FACADES ARE

  30. @christophrumpel Misleading Hard to test Tightly coupled OR

  31. @christophrumpel OUR EXAMPLE

  32. @christophrumpel REQUEST FACADE

  33. @christophrumpel BASE FACADE

  34. @christophrumpel BASE FACADE

  35. @christophrumpel BASE FACADE

  36. @christophrumpel FOUND IT Illuminate/Http/Request.php

  37. @christophrumpel Misleading Hard to test Tightly coupled TRUE OR FALSE

  38. @christophrumpel OUR JOURNEY LifeCycle Facades Eloquent

  39. @christophrumpel ORM Active Record Models Builder ELOQUENT

  40. @christophrumpel DATABASE

  41. @christophrumpel OUR EXAMPLE

  42. @christophrumpel GET A CONFERENCE

  43. @christophrumpel CONFERENCE MODEL

  44. @christophrumpel STATIC WHERE METHOD DOES NOT EXIST Illuminate/Database/Eloquent/Model.php

  45. @christophrumpel STILL NO WHERE METHOD Illuminate/Database/Eloquent/Model.php

  46. @christophrumpel FOUND IT Eloquent/Builder.php

  47. @christophrumpel GET FIRST CONFERENCE Eloquent/Builder trait BuildsQueries

  48. @christophrumpel GET SPEAKERS FROM CONFERENCE

  49. @christophrumpel NO SPEAKERS PROPERTY

  50. @christophrumpel NO SPEAKERS PROPERTY Base Eloquent Model

  51. @christophrumpel CHECK ATTRIBUTES Base Eloquent Model HasAttribute concern

  52. @christophrumpel

  53. @christophrumpel

  54. @christophrumpel OUR EXAMPLE

  55. @christophrumpel Master your tools. Laravel is one of them.

  56. @christophrumpel NO SPEAKERS PROPERTY Base Eloquent Model Laravel Core Adventures

    https://laravelcoreadventures.com @christophrumpel