The Laravel Core - Demystify The Beast (Mumbai)

The Laravel Core - Demystify The Beast (Mumbai)

Laravel is a fascinating and complex piece of software. It helps us to work fast, solid and secure on our modern PHP applications. But how often do you find yourself taking a look under the hood of Laravel?

Knowing your framework is not something you need to learn right away. Maybe you’re even fine without knowing it at all. But the day you start asking questions about how it works, is the day you start improving. Knowing your framework will make you a better developer.

In this talk, I want to take you on a little journey through the core of the Laravel framework. It is like the best-of compilation of my free video-series Laravel Core Adventures, where I dig with you through the main concepts and implementations of the Laravel framework.

This talk is for everyone who works with Laravel and is interested in learning more about this powerful PHP framework. You will come away with a better understanding of Laravel's core.


Christoph Rumpel

March 03, 2019