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4 Weapons for Conquering the Mobile Battlefield

4 Weapons for Conquering the Mobile Battlefield

Originally presented at Gartner Catalyst, San Diego, August 2014


Cian Clarke

March 13, 2015


  1. All the Right Moves 4 Weapons for Enterprise Architects Conquering

    the Mobile Battlefield
  2. The Mobile Battlefield

  3. The Warriors Business IT Opponents or Allies

  4. Speed & Competitive Advantage The Battle for 1) Agility &

  5. Agility & Collaboration The New Norm

  6. 2) Open Architecture v  Proprietary Deployments Can’t Meet Fast Cycle

    Requirements v  Need to Build for Change & Make Future Proof v  Need to Scale On Demand v  Flexible Development and Deployment
  7. Conquering Open Architectures

  8. Unlock & Secure Data from Multiple Backend Systems 3) MBaaS

    & API Management
  9. Centralized Control of Integration Security & Policy Management

  10. Conquering Mobile & Cloud 4) Flexible Cloud Deployments

  11. Cloud: Do or Die

  12. Agility & Collaboration Open Architecture mBaaS & API Management Flexible

    Cloud Deployments
  13. Q & A For a Demo visit us at Booth