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Writing Mobile Apps in the cloud with FeedHenry

Writing Mobile Apps in the cloud with FeedHenry

A presentation on writing mobile phone apps in the FeedHenry cloud with Sencha Touch and NodeJS.


Cian Clarke

January 27, 2012


  1. writing Mobile apps in the Cloud with

  2. Cian Clarke @cianclarke

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  4. A poll: JavaScript?

  5. Photo:  Peter  Grogan  

  6. We’re  a  

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  8. Elastic Load Management Auditing & Logging Metrics Engine Account Management

    Billing & Metering Monitoring & Alerts Developer Sandbox Public APIs Advertising Third Party Private APIs Apps Corporate Data Eclipse Plug-ins Community App Build & Publish Import/Export (WAC, Jil, etc.) Reporting & Analytics Lifecycle Management Code Validation Testing & Debugging Management Console Business Logic (Hosted Server-Side JavaScript: node.js) Intelligent Caching (Memcached) Persistence Layer (node.js enablers) Access Rights Management (Platform and Device) App Delivery Framework (REST Interface) Integration Framework (leverage node.js) Security Framework FeedHenry Server-Side Environment FeedHenry Studio: App Development/Deployment Environment Generic Cloud Interface Amazon Cloud Foundry Private Cloud JSON, XML RSS/Atom VPN SSL, oAuth App Stores
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  10. client cloud shared

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  12. any cloud any where

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  14. $=.demo()  

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  17. writing Mobile apps in the Cloud with

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  20. c++ v8 Server-side JavaScript Non-Blocking I/O

  21. var fs = require('fs'); // include filesystem module // This

    is asynchronous, it's non-blocking! fs.readFile('', ’utf8', function(err,data){ // Hello, Callback if(err) { console.error("Could not open file %s", err); } console.log("File read successfully” + data); }); // This is synchronous. It's blocking! var data = fs.readFileSync('', 'utf8'); // This might take a while. Waiting, waiting... console.log(data); non-blocking i-what?
  22. writing Mobile apps in the Cloud with

  23. UI Framework

  24. All code in JavaScript No HTML! app.views.Home = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {

    title: 'Home', iconCls: 'user', cls: 'home', html: ‘<h1>Dia Duit, a Domhain</h1>’ + ‘Conas atá tú?’ });
  25. Lots     of  UI  Elements  

  26. Lots     of  UI  Elements   Ext.List   Ext.Form

      Ext.Toolbar   Ext.BuJon   Ext.Carousel   Ext.TabPanel  
  27. Demo lazy: cloudapp

  28. ? @feedhenry | @cianclarke   /feedhenry | /cianclarke | writing Mobile apps in the Cloud with me   www