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Node Microservices Using Hydra

Node Microservices Using Hydra

My talk at EmpireNode 2016

Carlos Justiniano

November 07, 2016

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  1. Carlos Justiniano • Chief Architect at Flywheel Sports • Long

    standing interest in distributed computing • 2005 Guinness World Record involving Distributed Computation
 - worlds largest distributed chess computer
 - a network of 2,070 computers across 56 countries • @cjus on twitter and github
  2. “A process which is dedicated to doing a kind of

    thing really well” microservices?
  3. Our microservice goals • Small and highly maintainable 

    • Reliable, Easy to build • Easy to deploy and scale
  4. Hydra features • Automated health and presence • Automated service

    discovery • Inter-service (P2P) communication with support for socket messaging and RESTful interfaces • Built-in load balancing and routing • Self registration with near zero configuration • Built-in job queues • Built on Node using native ES6 • Great with Docker