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Packaging—and the Gone Girl With The Dragon Tattoo On The Train at Monki Gras

Packaging—and the Gone Girl With The Dragon Tattoo On The Train at Monki Gras

Through the centuries, technology advances in the ‘packaging’ of the written word have enabled information to be shared with more and more people. From the days of clay tablets and manuscripts, followed by the invention of the printing press and the first books and newspapers, packaging has been instrumental in improving production efficiencies, distribution channels, and the ease by which people access information. Today, books can be downloaded to your Kindle in seconds; news can be had on your Twitter app in near real-time; and the Economist now plans to start a weekend edition on Snapchat Discover. And then there is GitHub, a site known as “catnip for coders” which enables software to be made, edited, packaged, shared, and downloaded. It seems the best packaging—for ideas and information, as well as software—is packaging that enables convenience. Convenience kills it every time.


Claire Giordano

January 26, 2017


  1. Packaging—and the Gone Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on the

    Train Claire Giordano | Monki Gras 2017 | London #monkigras @clairegiordano
  2. • Product Manager • Product Marketing • Engineering Manager •

    Alum of Brown, Sun, A9, Quantum • @clairegiordano About Me Storage | Operating Systems | SaaS | Developer Tools #monkigras @clairegiordano
  3. #monkigras @clairegiordano

  4. #monkigras @clairegiordano

  5. www.fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-gone-girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo-on-the-train/ #monkigras @clairegiordano

  6. #monkigras @clairegiordano

  7. How is the packaging of ideas & information changing—and what

    does that mean for us? #monkigras @clairegiordano
  8. Production | Creation #monkigras @clairegiordano

  9. Distribution | Reach #monkigras @clairegiordano

  10. Access The George Peabody Library, Johns Hopkins University #monkigras @clairegiordano

  11. www.ted.com/talks/sarah_kay_if_i_should_have_a_daughter #monkigras @clairegiordano

  12. I show up to each new poem with a backpack

    full of everywhere else I’ve been.” —Sarah Kay “ #monkigras @clairegiordano
  13. Books 1 #monkigras @clairegiordano

  14. Do you know how long it took me to get

    new books to read the summer after 9th grade? #monkigras @clairegiordano
  15. By Billy Hathorn (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0] Time: 35+60+40=2.25

    hrs/wk Selection Discovery Carry Open #monkigras @clairegiordano
  16. Selection Discovery Anywhere Seconds Larger Font Sizes Democratizes Publishing… 24x7x365

    Small & Light #monkigras @clairegiordano
  17. The Economist 2 #monkigras @clairegiordano

  18. How does a 173-year-old publication […] fit on a messaging

    app whose unique selling point is bite-sized, disappearing videos?” —Lucy Rohr, The Economist “ Medium | Severe Contest | Oct 7, 2016 www.medium.com/severe-contest/the-economist-launches-on-snapchat-discover-dc1d589b9504# #monkigras @clairegiordano
  19. #monkigras @clairegiordano

  20. #monkigras @clairegiordano

  21. You can’t deny the power of Snapchat as a content

    distribution platform. And you can’t deny the power of the Snapchat Generation.” —Lydia Kaldas, SVP of Strategy and Channel Relationships Folio |Oct 20, 2016 | www.foliomag.com/brief-convo-snapchat/ “ #monkigras @clairegiordano
  22. Millenial audience New forms of powerful, satisfying (visual) content Enables

    subscriptions model Experimentation & data Why Package on Snapchat? #monkigras @clairegiordano
  23. Serendipity & Story 3 #monkigras @clairegiordano

  24. www.twitter.com/mwichary/status/791709895083102209 #monkigras @clairegiordano

  25. #monkigras @clairegiordano www.twitter.com/mwichary/

  26. #monkigras @clairegiordano www.twitter.com/mwichary/

  27. www.twitter.com/mwichary/ #monkigras @clairegiordano

  28. Reach audience that wouldn’t otherwise reach “Slow reveal”: tell story

    in lyrical, serial way Interaction with readers is part of magic www.twitter.com/mwichary/ Packaging a Story on Twitter #monkigras @clairegiordano
  29. Meanwhile, on Instagram www.instagram.com/heyharryheymatilda/ #monkigras @clairegiordano

  30. Why Package Stories On Instagram? Direct from creator to audience

    Mix photography & written word “Slow reveal”: tell in serial way Interact with readers Secure audience—then publisher #monkigras @clairegiordano
  31. Creators/Producers •New forms, mixed media •Reduced cycle times •Democratized access

    •Increased reach Consumers/Users •Massive selection •Better discovery •Immediacy •Anywhere & anytime •Customize: fonts, zoom •Delight: forms, serialized •More & more & more 11Ways Packaging Benefits Us #monkigras @clairegiordano
  32. Claire Giordano (Own Work) CC BY-SA 3.0 The best packaging—

    for ideas and information—enables convenience. #monkigras @clairegiordano
  33. Claire Giordano (Own Work) CC BY-SA 3.0 Convenience kills, and

    yet… Amid all this information —How to focus ? —How to choose ? —How to think ? #monkigras @clairegiordano
  34. Thank you! Claire Giordano @clairegiordano www.linkedin.com/in/claireg #monkigras @clairegiordano