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Think about career of engineering and management

August 08, 2019

Think about career of engineering and management


August 08, 2019

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  1. About me const my_info = { Name: ‘܂ݪ੟ਔ’, Workplace: ‘Yumemi

    Inc’, Community: ‘Riot.js, Ionic, Dist’, PokemonGO: ‘TL39’ }
  2. Sorry... " This slide is made in English. But, I

    am unfamiliar using English. So I may have a wrong expression. Plz feedback for me called “Masakari” about my English
  3. Ҿ༻: http://logmi.jp/166101 The team is in the best condition. Can

    speak freely. Psychological safety and responsibility
  4. Ҿ༻: http://logmi.jp/166101 So-called “lukewarm”. Growth will be lost in a

    current and conservative state. Psychological safety and responsibility
  5. Ҿ༻: http://logmi.jp/166101 The team is in poor condition and is

    in a state of great responsibility. This is only anxious. Psychological safety and responsibility
  6. Ҿ༻: http://logmi.jp/166101 Psychological safety and responsibility We don't even have

    an interest in my work and We’re indifferent. This will leave people quitting.
  7. ɾListen attentively ɾSympathy ɾHealing ɾNotice ɾUnderstanding Ten Articles of Servant

    Leadership ɾConceptualization ɾForesight ɾButler ɾEngagement for people's growth ɾBuilding Community URL: https://president.jp/articles/-/15523?page=2