Let's talk about Tracing

Let's talk about Tracing

Tracing plays an important role in CNCF (OpenTracing accepted as a third hosted project after Kubernetes and Prometheus). Experienced developers should know the role and importance of distributed tracing when building microservices at scale. However, unlike logging and metrics monitoring, tracing instrumentation need to propagate the tracing context both within and between processes: logging tells you what happened per-process, monitoring give you insight of your system, and tracing tell stories about your service. A standard instrumentation is required, and is strongly aligned with CNCF nowadays. In this talk we're going to walk through the tracing topic: What''s distributed tracing (brief history since Google Dapper). Introductions on OpenTracing, Jaeger, OpenCensus, etc.


Cheng-Lung Sung

October 09, 2019