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Prague DevOps - Scaling Devops

Prague DevOps - Scaling Devops

DevOps is commonly known as the union of people, process, and products and a way to enable continuous delivery of value to customers. Many teams are experimenting with these principles at scale — but how do you go from a handful of people to scaling it to the whole company?
In this talk, we’ll explore four critical components for bringing DevOps practices to your wider organization: customer listening, teams, quality, and deployment.

Christopher MANEU

February 24, 2020

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  1. Four points you should consider for scaling DevOps Christopher MANEU

    Azure Engineer & Advocate @ Microsoft @cmaneu
  2. DevOps @ Microsoft 107k engineers in 1ES 4.6m builds per

    month 82000 deployments per day 28k work items created per day 2.4m git commits per month 25k employees contributing to OSS 372k pull requests per month
  3. “DevOps is development and operations collaboration” “DevOps is treating your

    infrastructure as code” “DevOps is using automation” “Kanban for Ops?” “DevOps is feature switches” “DevOps is small deployments”
  4. What is DevOps? DevOps is the union of people, process,

    and tools to enable continuous delivery of value to our customers.
  5. @cmaneu Being agile in a corporate world Autonomy is crucial

    for a team to be efficient. But how to achieve organizational objectives if all teams are autonomous?
  6. @cmaneu What to measure • Acquisition • Engagement • Satisfaction

    • Churn • Feature Usage Usage • Time to Detect • Time to Communicate • Time to Mitigate • Customer Impact • Incident Prevention Items • Aging Live Site Problems • SLA per Customer • Customer Support Metrics Live Site Health • Time to Build • Time to Self Test • Time to Deploy • Time to Learn Velocity
  7. @cmaneu Not everything is about code reviews/pull requests 15% of

    the code reviews revelas a bug 50% of the code review contains long-term maintenability feedback https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/devops/learn/devops-at-microsoft/boosting- code-reviews-useful-comments?wt.mc_id=dzone-article-chmaneu
  8. Rule: If your bug count exceeds your bug cap… stop

    working on new features until you’re back under the cap. 5 50 x = 10
  9. Comparing rings & feature flags DEPLOYMENT RING FEATURE FLAG Progressive

    exposure Yes Yes A/B Testing All users within ring All or selected users Cost Production environment maintenance Feature Flag database and code maintenance Primary use Manage impact "blast radius" Show or hide features in a release Blast radius - Canaries 0-9 canary users 0, all, or specific canary users Blast radius - Early Adopters 10-100 early adopter users 0, all, or specific early adopter users Blast radius - Users 10000+ of users 0, all, or specific users