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AbemaTV×Keirin AR

AbemaTV×Keirin AR

Keisuke Tatsumi

May 10, 2019

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    class ARImageTrackingConfiguration : ARConfiguration { /** Maximum number of images to track simultaneously. @discussion Setting the maximum number of tracked images will limit the number of images that can be tracked in a given frame. If more than the maximum is visible, only the images already being tracked will continue to track until tracking is lost or another image is removed. Default value is one. */ open var maximumNumberOfTrackedImages: Int }
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    ݕग़ը૾ͷ੍ݶ͕ΏΔ͍ w ϚʔΧʔը૾ͱ%Ϟσϧͷొ࿥͕8FC্ͰͰ͖Δ w σϞΞϓϦ͕ࣗಈੜ੒͞ΕɺϝʔϧͰड͚औΕΔ w σϞΞϓϦ͕0CKFDUJWF$XJUI+BWB4DSJQU w ϥΠηϯεྉ͕ඞཁ
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