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Product Demo: Knowledge Base

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July 01, 2021

Product Demo: Knowledge Base


Contentful Webinars

July 01, 2021


  1. 1 Product demo: Knowledge Base

  2. 2 Housekeeping Before we dive in.... • Check out the

    QR codes and embedded links throughout the session. • Use the table of contents on the bottom right to navigate to different sections of the video. • Keep an eye on your inbox — we will follow up with the content model for download and other helpful resources. • Get in touch via the contact form at the end of the video. You can also reach out via Twitter @contentful or write to us at team@contentfulmail.com
  3. 3 You’ll learn how to: 1. Empower editors to control

    the look and feel of knowledge base pages, including SEO metadata, microcopy, and promotional banners. 2. Reuse content so that editors can maintain answers that are consistent and up to date no matter who the customer is talking to. 3. Create a single source of truth for answers in your organization. 4. Schedule and bulk publish to ensure the right audiences see the right content, at the right time. 5. Leverage content analytics to identify high value opportunities in your knowledge base. 6. Plus: Learn to automate daily tasks and workflows.
  4. 4 Introductions Artas Bartas Sr. Product Marketing Manager Andrew Kumar

    Director of Platform Strategy
  5. Content Platform 5 Contentful

  6. 6 Other CMSs Translations Cloud Storage Product Catalog Contentful editor

    apps Build & federate content Deliver anywhere Mobile app Digital signage Website In-store experience Content architecture Cloud native Global CDNs Secure & scale your digital footprint App Framework Design system Custom UIs & workflows Customize & automate content ops Content platform Integrate with cloud services
  7. 7 31% of the Fortune 500 have battle-tested Contentful 300+

    partners 2x bigger ecosystem vs. other pure-play vendors $158M Total funding with latest round ($80m) in 2020 20+ Billion API calls per month 600k+ Active Contentful users worldwide 22.8k Live sites and in the Top 10k global websites Platform highlights
  8. Problem & Opportunity 8 Customer Experiences

  9. of large organizations will have failed to unify engagement channels,

    resulting in a disjointed and siloed customer experience that lacks context. Gartner, August 2020 Customer Experiences Opportunity: Content Platforms
  10. Customer Experiences Today: Fractured Point Solutions Landing pages Product pages

    Knowledge base Commerce Loyalty program Global corporate website Buy Evangelize Use Explore Discover Customer lifecycle Inconsistent, contradictory = unhappy customers
  11. Customer Experiences Tomorrow: Connected Platforms Landing pages Product pages Knowledge

    base Buy Evangelize Use Explore Discover Customer lifecycle Consistent, customer focused, content & experience. Commerce Loyalty program Global corporate website
  12. Customer Experiences TELUS: Powering over 40 touchpoints Landing pages Digital

    Platform Site Builder the reuse component Digital health solutions and technology in Canada Better Healthcare Products & Solutions Mobile Medical Alert with Apple Watch Product Pages TV & Internet Bundles - Compare TV plans Mobility - Shop our phones & plans Phone & Tech Accessories Cell phone plans, family share plans, BYOD & more Knowledge base Support & Help Centre Download the My TELUS mobile app Buy Evangelize Use Explore Discover Customer lifecycle Consistent, customer focused, content & experience. Commerce Small Business Solutions TELUS Medium & Large Business Solutions Global wholesale communications provider Loyalty program Earn & Redeem Points on Great Rewards Together, let’s make the future friendly SEO, Personalization and A/B testing A snapshot of the Data Platform team Global corporate website TELUS Ventures - The strategic investment arm for TELUS Impact Investing - Fund For Good | TELUS Pollinator Fund Giving back to Canadian communities
  13. Purchase Mobile apps Agile ecommerce Evaluation Blogs Email campaigns Product

    pages 13 Global marketing & localization Retention In product Community portal Knowledge base Specific opportunities in the customer journey Build engaging experience at every step of the customer journey
  14. Today’s Focus 14 Knowledge Base

  15. Customers need to understand your business in order to engage

    with your business 15 The time for a single source of truth is now Customers expect informative, self-service apps when using your products or services, but maintaining a knowledge base is time-intensive, expensive, and often deprioritized. 88% of consumers expect brands to provide online self-service portals
  16. Case Studies 16 Customer Success

  17. • Content is reusable across driver, rider and call center

    support audiences. • Eliminated 75% of translation workflows using Contentful’s integration with Smartling. • New content experiences are created and deployed in half the time. Results Lyft needed to scale its Help Center across multiple channels and geographies. Challenge Scan the QR code to watch the full customer story CONTENTFUL CASE STUDY SHOWCASE
  18. • Built a recommendation system that resulted in 40% more

    game sessions. • Efficiently create content in many different languages for many different markets. • Used taxonomies to make content readily discoverable by search engines. Results Electronic Arts needed to make content creation more efficient and target the right content to the right customers. Challenge Scan the QR code to watch the full customer story
  19. • Single source of truth to manage content for support

    services. • Reusable content for in-context Jira platform help in the product itself. • Changing the capitalization of “JIRA” to “Jira” across 20,000 pages in only five minutes. Results Atlassian needed to replatform help and support functions to a modern stack. Challenge Scan the QR code to read the full customer story
  20. “We recognize that shapeless content is hard to do intelligent

    things with. That [structured content] is a major change for us as an organization. We really recognize that as powerful.” —John Collins Senior Content Designer Atlassian
  21. 21 Customer stories

  22. Knowledge Base Demo 22 How Builders Collaborate

  23. Customer experience Technical side Marketing side Developers and platform owners

    are able to work in parallel work streams to marketing Editors are able to update web and app elements without developer resources 23
  24. A new way of working Connected to, and learning from

    the customer experience Adapt to new trends and behaviors Reuse content across customer service touchpoints Dev teams can innovate and deploy faster 24 More agile business operations Marketers can react instantly to app insights Global marketing & localization Agile ecommerce Knowledge base
  25. Knowledge Base Demo 25 Conclusion

  26. 26 SPEED Deliver accurate results—fast. This accelerated time to value

    allows you to meet rapidly evolving consumer preferences and a broad spectrum of intent. FLEXIBILITY Prepare and build for the future, your way, through effective collaboration, cross team efficiency, and use of a common set of technology for consistent answers. RELIABILITY Count on enterprise-grade infrastructure and resilience to mitigate security threats across a multi-brand, global experience. Key takeaways
  27. 27 Customer stories