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Product release roundup: Winter ‘22 edition

Product release roundup: Winter ‘22 edition

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March 03, 2022

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  1. © 2022 Contentful Our platform strategy and product investment areas

    Contentful Product Update: Winter ‘22 March 2nd, 2022
  2. © 2022 Contentful 3 Housekeeping • Goal is to keep

    you up to date on our latest product releases, with commentary and highlights on our broader platform strategy • Keep an eye on your inbox — we will follow up with the recording so you can easily rewatch the video. • Any questions? Write to us at [email protected]
  3. © 2022 Contentful Digital experience sophistication Authoring experience on a

    continuum Out of the box rich text editor, Compose, Launch Extended UI integrations & workflows Bespoke UI business- specific DXs 5
  4. © 2022 Contentful Key benefits for our customers 7 Content

    platform investment areas Best for builders Most flexible platform Digital at scale SPEED FLEXIBILITY EXTENSIBILITY SCALABILITY RELIABILITY
  5. © 2022 Contentful • Tasks app & webhooks • Comments

    API & webhooks • Environment governance • AVIF image format • Default field values • App hosting, sharing & icons • CMA Adaptor • Forma 36 design system v4 • Apps and integrations in the Marketplace and broader dev and partner ecosystem *We’ll cover these features today Quick recap: recent release highlights 8 Best for builders Most flexible platform Digital at scale
  6. © 2022 Contentful Digital at scale: Environments governance 9 •

    Extends roles and permissions across environments to build more robust access and workflows • Roles can be configured to include access to master environment and a list of specified environments and aliases • Roles have working policies and permissions in environments they can access • Users no longer see all environments in the space, just what’s relevant to them • Read more on our blog or docs
  7. © 2022 Contentful Most flexible platform: Forma 36 design system

    v4 10 • All React components now meet the highest possible level of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines — AAA • Improved loading speed by separating the components loaded into apps it is possible to reduce bundle size by up to 85% using v4 • Forma 36’s APIs have been updated to be consistent with other Contentful APIs • Automated migration tools to make it easy to upgrade from v3 • Read more on our blog and docs
  8. © 2022 Contentful Most flexible platform: Forma 36 design system

    v4 11 • The Forma 36 website now has a code playground where developers can test out how the components work, making it even easier to get to grips with how to the design system. • https://f36.contentful.com/playground
  9. © 2022 Contentful See our Changelog for all updates 13

    Visit our Changelog to see every one of our releases big and small, or visit the Product tag of our blog for more detailed write-ups. You can also subscribe to Changelog updates (or use an app like Mailbrew to get RSS feeds emailed to your inbox).
  10. © 2022 Contentful Call for customers: research panel We’d love

    your input on our discovery topics Join the Contentful research panel to take part in our internal product development and research projects. Our Product team invites customers and partners to take part in new research initiatives that are relevant to their experiences. It could be a short survey or a one-on-one interview. Sign up here: https://www.contentful.com/researchpanel/ 15