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Product release roundup: fall ’21 edition

Product release roundup: fall ’21 edition

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December 07, 2021

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  1. © 2021 Contentful Building the leading content platform for digital

    business Contentful Product Release Roundup Fall ‘21
  2. © 2021 Contentful 3 Housekeeping • Keeping you up to

    date on our latest product releases, with commentary and highlights from our Changelog • This time we are also going to do a quick recap of our Fast Forward conference • Please fill out the feedback survey at the end of the video — we’d like to improve with each edition • Keep an eye on your inbox — we will follow up with the recording so you can easily rewatch the video. • Any questions? Write to us at [email protected]
  3. © 2021 Contentful headless and APIs ≠ platform What truly

    makes a platform? Tools to build on top of it and a modular approach — to everything 2019 2020 2021 Kicked off Product to Platform strategy Launched App Framework Launched Contentful Apps
  4. © 2021 Contentful IT’S TIME TO BUILD As many as

    half of Netflix’s designers are working on building software for its employees and partners — Fast Company
  5. © 2021 Contentful Key benefits provided to our customers 11

    Content platform focus areas Best for builders Most flexible platform Digital at scale SPEED FLEXIBILITY EXTENSIBILITY SCALABILITY RELIABILITY
  6. © 2021 Contentful • Comments API & webhooks* • Tasks

    app & webhooks* • Environment governance* • Default values • Webhooks for Releases, Scheduled Actions & Bulk Actions • AVIF image format* • App hosting* • App sharing & App icons* • CMA Adaptor* • Apps in the Marketplace and developer community* * We’ll touch on these releases today — the others you can browse at your convenience Quick recap: recent release highlights 12 Best for builders Most flexible platform Digital at scale
  7. © 2021 Contentful DX at scale: Tasks app & webhooks

    13 • Assign tasks to teams, add a due date, and manage tasks in Compose + Launch apps • Improve content workflows at scale by utilizing a shared service model to improve team response times on tasks and allowing users to easily prioritize their tasks • Programmatically share tasks to Slack or MS teams *new
  8. © 2021 Contentful DX at scale: Comments API & webhooks

    14 • Programmatically manage comments to improve teams’ communication so they can deliver content at scale faster than ever. • Automatically shared across where your team works, eg Slack, Teams or Jira. • Work more flexibly by using comments in your apps
  9. © 2021 Contentful Best for builders: AVIF image conversion 15

    • Reduce page loading times to improve your pages’ bounce rate and SEO rankings and by reducing image size on your pages • Images API can now deliver AVIF images to browsers that support the format (Chrome, Firefox and Android), giving your pages high resolution images with much smaller file sizes • The conversion is entirely on the API level, so your editors don’t need to change their workflows • Available now for all customers *new
  10. © 2021 Contentful Most flexible platform: App sharing 16 •

    Share apps outside the marketplace with the click of a button, either within the community or with your clients • The marketplace is very visible and can bring expectations of support. Now with a single link you can let friends or clients install your app and ensure that they have the latest version. • This could allow agencies to create a portfolio of apps that are only shared with clients, or simply share the love in the Contentful community *new
  11. © 2021 Contentful Most flexible platform: App icons 17 •

    Simplify working with lots of customs apps in your spaces • When every custom app had the same jigsaw icon, it was easy to mix them up. Now, it’s much easier to find the app you’re looking for. • Developers can add a little bit of personality and branding to their apps • 128px x 128px in png or jpg format *new
  12. © 2021 Contentful Most flexible platform: App hosting 18 •

    Host apps without the need for an external service • Upload through the interface or CLI • Easily rollback your app to an older version if there are any issues • Released June 23rd, learn more in our blog post about how to use app hosting
  13. © 2021 Contentful Most flexible platform: CMA adaptor 19 •

    Allows apps to access the full CMA.js client • Makes it easier to build new apps quickly with our APIs, by giving them the same behaviour in the APP SDK as they have normally • All new CMA endpoints will be immediately available in the App SDK
  14. © 2021 Contentful Extending roles and permissions across environments to

    build more robust developer workflows DX at scale: Environments governance
  15. © 2021 Contentful Roles can be configured to include access

    to master environment and a list of specified environments and aliases Roles have working policies and permissions in environments they can access Users no longer see all environments in the space, just what’s relevant to them Environments governance Planned release: December 7th Availability: Enterprise P1X spaces and above Key benefits: • Security + compliance - granular control over access to specific environments and aliases • Flexibility - reuse existing roles to define access to specific environments and aliases. Example use cases: • Safely share staging and QA environments with other teams (i.e. QA, PMs, Editors) to test and approve changes • Protect the master environment from being accessed and modified by all developers • Admins can set up and test new roles and permissions before assigning users to these roles • Hide confidential projects from the rest of org 22
  16. © 2021 Contentful 23 Most flexible platform: New marketplace apps,

    community apps, and partner offerings Orchestration Conscia Unify Uniform Mesh Stackbit Multisite *new Media api.video (video) imigx (DAM) IntelligenceBank (DAM) Commerce Emporix Slatwall BigCommerce (soon) Testing & Optimization VWO
  17. © 2021 Contentful 24 Other recent releases We won’t cover

    these today, but want to make sure they are on your radar
  18. © 2021 Contentful 25 Best for builders: Default values •

    New entries can start with a predefined value, so editors can work faster • Fill fields that very rarely change, or reduce validation errors by setting a default value for required fields. • Supported fields: boolean, plain text, list, number, date
  19. © 2021 Contentful 26 • One webhook to rule them

    all: replace multiple webhooks on major publication events with a single webhook for each action • Simplifying webhooks makes it easier to programmatically respond to and monitor your releases and bulk actions Best for builders: Webhooks for Releases, Scheduled Actions & Bulk Actions
  20. © 2021 Contentful See the Changelog for a list of

    all updates 27 Visit our Changelog to see every one of our releases big and small, or visit the Product tag of our blog for more detailed write-ups. You can also subscribe to Changelog updates (or use an app like Mailbrew to get RSS feeds emailed to your inbox).
  21. © 2021 Contentful Call for customers: research panel We’d love

    your input on our discovery topics Join the Contentful research panel to take part in our internal product development and research projects. Our Product team invite customers and partners to take part in new research initiatives that are relevant to their experiences. It could be a short survey or a one-on-one interview. Sign up here: https://www.contentful.com/researchpanel/ 29