A journey through the scientific python ecosystem

59bdb3784070f0a6836aca9ee03ad817?s=47 cournape
December 12, 2017

A journey through the scientific python ecosystem

Today, python's use for science is pervasive, in domains as different as astrophysics, neuroscience, or econometrics. Realistically, writing code has become an essential part of most scientists' job. The goal of this talk is to explain why python became successful in science even though it is a generic programming language, and convince the non programmers that they can benefit from using some python in their scientific endeavor as well.

After giving an overview of the main tools available in the scientific
python ecosystem, I will give some concrete examples of simple tasks that can be fastidious but solved quickly with just a bit of python code, from data handling to data visualization.



December 12, 2017