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Marketing for Developers

Marketing for Developers

Craig Kerstiens

June 22, 2015

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  1. Marketing is communicating the value of a product or service

    to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service.
  2. Great projects win when • They communicate their values •

    They communicate what they do • They have a good user experience • The communicate with users
  3. Projects success • Not an accident • Succesful ones have

    at least some of the following: • Solve a problem • Documentation • marketing • Quality
  4. Beginner trumps all You only have beginner mindset once There’s

    a lot more beginners than experts in the world
  5. Rules of the road Personal blog: Establish a habit/pattern Blog

    at least once a month Be yourself/authentic
  6. Be you • Use your voice • Don’t try to

    be too authoritative • Talk to people just like you would
  7. Growing it • Regularity • Email • RSS -> Email

    via mailchimp • Tweet • Ask for reviews
  8. Postgresguide Over two years • 150k unique users • 400k

    impressions Investment • 16 hours initial effort • Occasionally checking PRs
  9. Speaking • Start small -> build up • At your

    office • Meetups • Regional conferences • PyCon • Ask for input/reviews
  10. Focus on the talk • Find your routine • Your

    priority is on a good talk, not on meeting people
  11. Why • To help others? • Economies of scale •

    If you help them succeed, they’ll want to help you
  12. Options Difficulty Easy Hard Reach A lot A little HN

    Reddit Email lobste.rs DZone Pycoders/python weekly Press
  13. If you do want on HN • Engage in the

    community • Heavybit talk - Iris shoor
  14. - Every marketing department ever “Every launch is huge” “Tuesday,

    Wednesday, Thursday are all good days for launches”
  15. Think outside • I still hate Monday • Friday is

    great for small things • Weekends!
  16. For non-developer focused • Learning, speaking requires you master something

    • Well versed topic takes 10 hrs to prepare • 5 of that is on slides • Lesser versed topic takes 20+ hrs to prepare • Recruiting
  17. There’s more • Public speaking helps in a variety of

    contexts • A conference is cheaper than training
  18. Recap • Contribute to open source - document your projects

    and actively engage • Blog about everything you learn for the first time • Talk about the things you learn, it helps you master them and helps others • marketing your projects is about communicating both the why and the what