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Setting and Keeping Your Writing Goals

Craig Kingsman
March 23, 2017

Setting and Keeping Your Writing Goals

Craig Kingsman

March 23, 2017



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  3. Types of Goals Setting Goals Keeping Goals

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  12. Action expresses priorities. i - Mohandas Ghandi

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  17. Resolution Goal

  18. Resolution – the act of resolving or determining upon an

    action, course of action, method, procedure, etc. Goal – the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end. - Dictionary.com
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  20. My Goals Artistic Attitude Career Education Family Financial Physical Pleasures

    Public Service
  21. Set Goal Make Plan Get to Work Stick to It

    Reach Goal
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  24. • SPECIFIC • Define the goal as much as possible

    with no unclear language • WHO is involved, WHAT do I want do accomplish, WHERE will it be done, WHY am I doing this – reasons, purpose, WHICH constraints and/or requirements do I have? S • MEASURALBE • Can I track the progress and measure the outcome? • How much, how many, how will I know when my goal is accomplished? M • ATTAINABLE/ACHIEVABLE • Is the goal reasonable enough to be accomplished? How so? • Make sure the goal is not out of reach or below standard performance? A • RELEVANT • Is the goal worthwhile and will it meet my needs? • Is each goal consistent with the other goals I have established and fits with my immediate and long term plans? R • TIMELY • My objective should include a time limit. Ex: I will complete this by month/day/year. • It will establish a sense of urgency and prompt me to have better time management. T
  25. Write a novel

  26. Get up an hour early five days a week to

    write 333 words per day Write 1666 words per week Write 6666 words per month Write novel by December 31
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  37. Inkandvolt.com

  38. Inkandvolt.com

  39. Inkandvolt.com

  40. Inkandvolt.com

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  44. Types of Goals Dreams Aspirations Expectations Priorities Setting Goals Specific

    Measurable Action Oriented Realistic Time Based
  45. Writing Time Work area Time of day Pantser vs Planner

    Barriers Distractions Review Goals Monthly Weekly Daily (?)
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