Machine Learning for Android Developers

C31286b6049746dfeb89d311aad9ef2b?s=47 Dan J
July 18, 2017

Machine Learning for Android Developers

The slides are for a talk I gave at AnDevCon DC 2017:

A screencast video of it is available here:


Find out how to use machine learning on Android!

This talk explains what machine learning can do for you, how it works, and shows how to use a TensorFlow image classifier in your Android app.

We cover:
- Example machine learning applications, including sentiment analysis and artistic image filters.
- Machine learning APIs and frameworks.
- An overview of machine learning: training, evaluation and using models.
- Training data sets: NIST/MNIST, ImageNet, Kaggle.
- How to retrain a TensorFlow model and use it in your Android application: demo and sample code!


Dan J

July 18, 2017